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Disgruntled Patron at State Office
Report: PA 08312018–1023
Irrigation Line Floods Basement
Report: WA 08312018–0203
Argument at Warwick Hotel
Report: PA 08252018–0604
Man Arrested for Robbing Bank Twice
Report: PA 08142018–1439
Harassment at N.H. Drive-Through
Report: PA 08132018–0332
Flooded Basement in Barrington
Report: WA 08112018–0310
Meat Thief Flees in Providence
Report: BA 08082018–0903
Carbon Monoxide in Dedham Hotel
Report: CO 08072018–0003
Trapped in Cambridge Elevator
Report: CO 08052018–1224
Fire in Rockport Hotel
Report: FA 07292018–0458
Natural Gas Leak at Boston Campus
Report: FA 07262018–1140
Fire in Lawrence Vending Machine
Report: FA 07252018–0821
Fire in Worcester Building
Report: FA 07232018–1729
Burglar Alarm at Cumberland Company
Report: BA 07222018–0803
Window Smashed in Providence
Report: BA 07182018–0343
Fire in Braintree Factory
Report: FA 07162018–1937
Medical Emergency in Fitchburg
Report: MA 07132018–1942
Carbon Monoxide in Stratham, N.H.
Report: CO 07132018–1210
Aggressive Patient in Wilmington
Report: PA 07112018–1344
Water Leak in Brockton Plaza
Report: FA 07112018–0106
Water Leak in Dover Home
Report: FA 07102018–1907
Kitchen Fire in Brighton
Report: FA 07102018–0955
Fire in Norwood Machine Shop
Report: FA 07092018–0911
Man Stuck in Lincoln, R.I. Elevator
Report: EA 07042018–0505
Medical Emergency in Sudbury
Report: MA 06282018–1833
Bank Robber Arrested in Charlestown
Report: PA 06282018–1120
Water in Hamilton Basement
Report: WA 06192018–1212
Trapped in Watertown Condo Elevator
Report: EA 06142018–1653
Bank Robber Arrested
Report: PA 06072018–1704
Fight in Somerville Health Center
Report: PA 06062018–1704
Unruly Customer in Somerville
Report: PA 06022018–0000
Drunk Panhandler in Providence
Report: PA 05312018–1646
Unruly Person in Barre
Report: PA 05312018–0839
Break in West Greenwich
Report: BA 05312018–0918
Medical Emergency in Abington
Report: MA 05292018–1003
Water Leak in Braintree Dealership
Report: FA 05292018–0759
Water Leak in Waban
Report: WA 05272018–0119
Dryer Fire in Worcester
Report: FA 05232018–2036
Medical Emergency in Brookline
Report: MA 05182018–2145
Mulch Fire in Groton
Report: FA 05142018–1429
Medical Emergency in Roxbury
Report: MA 05112018–0757
Fire in Weymouth Condos
Report: FA 05082018–0953
Trapped in Cambridge Elevator
Report: EA 05062018–0655
Car Fire in Wellesley
Report: FA 05032018–1147
Smoke at Marlborough Nursing Center
Report: FA 05022018–0950
Medical Emergency in Fitchburg
Report: MA 05012018–1251
Unruly Patron in Worcester
Report: PA 04272018–0306
Choking in Northbridge
Report: MA 04302018–1538
Burnt Breakfast in Wellesley
Report: FA 04242018–0306
Smoking Squirrel in Wilmington
Report: FA 04222018–2005
Carbon Monoxide in Burlington
Report: CO 04212018–0706
Sprinkler Leak in Westborough
Report: WA 04202018–2308
Medical Emergency in Belmont
Report: MA 04202018–0415
Gas Leak in Fairhaven
Report: CO 04142018–0128
Trapped in Watertown Elevator
Report: EA 04112018–1422
Arrest at Newbury Street Store
Report: PA 04102018–1538
Break at Providence Gas Station
Report: BA 04102018–0242
Burst Pipe in Burlington School
Report: FA 04032018–1221
Fireplace Problem in Concord
Report: FA 04012018–1346
Hotel Argument in Revere
Report: PA 03292018–0113
Cocoa Fire in Weymouth
Report: FA 03252018–1735
Irate Patient in Norwell
Report: PA 03222018–1002
Trapped in Charlestown Elevator
Report: EA 03212018–1238
Bank Robbery in South Boston
Report: PA 03192018–1252
Carbon Monoxide Leak in Oxford
Report: FA 03192018–1302
Trapped in Cambridge Elevator
Report: EA 03082018–1305
Medical Emergency in Westford
Report: PA 03042018–1607
Medical Emergency in Uxbridge
Report: MA 03022018–2353
Water Leak in Worcester Dental Office
Report: FA 03012018–0230
Fire in Cambridge Apartment Building
Report: FA 02282018–1029
House Break in Providence
Report: BA 02242018–2104
Fire at Everett Nursing Home
Report: FA 02232018–2228
Fire in Boston Sushi Restaurant
Report: FA 02232018–0102
Medical Emergency in Fitchburg
Report: MA 02202018–2211
Water Leak at Worcester Agency
Report: FA 02202018–2343
Bank Robbery in Roslindale
Report: PA 02202018–0000
Natural Gas Leak in Framingham
Report: GA 02122018–1608
Attempted Burglary in Woburn
Report: BA 02102018–1532
Water Leak in Warwick Business
Report: FA 02022018–1454
Medical Emergency in Fitchburg
Report: MA 02022018–0812
Trapped in Cambridge Elevator
Report: EA 02022018–0452
Irate Visitor in Lee
Report: PA 01242018–1113
Stuck in Cambridge Elevator
Report: EA 01192018–0859
Trespasser at Everett School
Report: BA 01152018–2226
House Break in Wellesley
Report: BA 01142018–1907
Disorderly Patient in Southborough
Report: PA 01092018–1506
Burst Pipe at Worcester Agency
Report: FA 01072018–0905
Water Leak in Weston
Report: FA 01042018–0133
Gas Leak in Medford
Report: FA 01022018–0913
Burst Pipe in Wakefield
Report: FA 01022018–0938
Carbon Monoxide & Fire in Duxbury
Report: CO 01012018–2342
Medical Emergency in Fitchburg
Report: MA 01012018–0943
Burst Pipe in Cambridge
Report: BA 12312017–1232
5 Alarm Fire in Brockton
Report: FA 12302017–1513
Unruly Person at Bedford Store
Report: PA 12282017–2243
Carbon Monoxide in Brookline
Report: CO 12252017–0511
Fire in Billerica Restaurant
Report: FA 12232017–0000
Medical Emergency in Fitchburg
Report: MA 12182017–1555
Carbon Monoxide in Lincoln, R.I.
Report: CO 12172017–1208
Unruly Hotel Patron in Warwick
Report: PA 12132017–0317
Bank Robbery in Boston
Report: PA 12062017–1644
Bank Robbery in Allston
Report: PA 12052017–1156
Carbon Monoxide in Woonsocket Hotel
Report: CO 12042017–1551
Irate Patron in Yarmouth
Report: PA 12022017–0939
Disturbance at Watertown Medical Office
Report: PA 12022017–1349
Fire in Chatham
Report: FA 11302017–1040
Domestic Disturbance in Fitchburg
Report: MA 11282017–2354
Fire in Falmouth Golf Club
Report: FA 11232017–0933
Medical Emergency in Worcester
Report: MA 11142017–0739
Fire in Amesbury Plaza
Report: FA 11132017–1720
Water Heater Bursts in Winthrop
Report: WA 11032017–0739
Carbon Monoxide in Melrose
Report: CO 11022017–2245
Trapped in Medford Elevator
Report: PA 11022017–1444
Fire in Gloucester Restaurant
Report: FA 11252017–1740
Help Needed in Providence Home
Report: PA 11252017–0304
Bank Robbery Suspect Arrested in Toilet
Report: PA 11242017–0954
Water Leak in West Roxbury
Report: WA 10312017–0619
Gas Alarm in Cambridge
Report: CO 10302017–1058
Medical Emergency in Sturbridge
Report: MA 10292017–1235
Trapped in Brookline Elevator
Report: EA 10232017–1343
Seizure in Lowell
Report: PA 10202017–1320
Medical Emergency in Worcester
Report: MA 10162017–2115
Smoky Boiler Room in Brookline
Report: FA 10152017–1204
Medical Emergency in Sudbury
Report: MA 10132017–0323
Factory Fire in Weymouth
Report: FA 10122017–1800
Stove Fire in Duxbury
Report: FA 10082017–1829
Carbon Monoxide in Portland Business
Report: CO 10072017–1033
Deep Fryer Fire in Bedford
Report: FA 10062017–0922
Burglar Flees in Waltham
Report: BA 10042017–0322
Carbon Monoxide in Hopedale
Report: CO 09292017–0403
Fire at Popular Dorchester Block
Report: FA 09232017–0413
Flood in Boston Townhouse
Report: WA 09202017–1051
Smoke in Westford Office Building
Report: FA 09202017–0940
Fire in Hingham Condo
Report: FA 09152017–0806
Woman Falls in Shrewsbury Bathtub
Report: MA 09082017–0937
Laundry Room Fire in West Roxbury
Report: CO 09052017–1122
Fire in Mass Pike Tunnel
Report: FA 08282017–0104
Water Pooling in New Hampshire Basement
Report: WA 08232017–0001
Medical Emergency in Fitchburg
Report: MA 08042017–1448
Medical Emergency in Sudbury
Report: MA 08212017–1020
Fire at Nantucket Golf Club
Report: FA 08212017–0047
House Fire in Lexington
Report: FA 08162017–1545
Carbon Monoxide Alarm in Weymouth
Report: CO 08162017–0234
Stove Fire in Brighton
Report: FA 08132017–2300
Assault in Marlborough
Report: PA 08122017–0120
Trapped in Falmouth Elevator
Report: EA 08062017–1017
Burst Pipe in Fitchburg
Report: FA 08022017–1859
Bank Robbed in Revere
Report: PA 07312017–1011
Water Heater Leak in Hingham
Report: GA 07302017–1047
Caught Smoking in Bathroom
Report: FA 07192017–1917
Trespassing at Stoneham Building
Report: BA 07162017–0754
Car Smashes into Cambridge Condo
Report: FA 07132017–0813
Trapped in Seaport District Elevator
Report: EA 07122017–1857
Medical Emergency in Worcester
Report: MA 07072017–1955
Carbon Monoxide in Franklin Condo
Report: CO 07022017–1909
Water Pipe Bursts in Cambridge
Report: FA 06302017–0746
Trespassers Caught in Stoneham
Report: VA 06282017–1220
Dumpster Fire Spreads in Somerville
Report: FA 06262017–1848
Water Leak in Boston Building
Report: WA 06262017–0939
Kitchen Fire in Woburn
Report: FA 06162017–1215
Smoke in Newton Basement
Report: FA 06112017–1250
Stuck in Quincy Elevator
Report: EA 06032017–1654
Medical Emergency in Fitchburg
Report: MA 06012017–0154
Leak Caught in Life Sciences Lab
Report: WA 05152017–0659
Dryer Fire in Boston Condos
Report: FA 05122017–0140
Burglar Arrested in Medford
Report: BA 05112017–0406
Suspicious House Fire in Warwick
Report: FA 05112017–0312
Medical Emergency in Worcester
Report: MA 05062017–0335
Attempted Robbery in Cranston
Report: PA 05012017–1629
Smoke in Brockton Church
Report: FA 04272017–0119
Bank Robber Arrested in Weymouth
Report: PA 04202017–1006
Water Leak in Wellesley Home
Report: WA 04202017–0128
Fire in Boston Laundromat
Report: FA 04142017–1902
Windows Smashed in East Greenwich
Report: BA 04072017–0107
Fire in Cambridge Apartment
Report: FA 04062017–0318
Trapped in Boston Elevator
Report: EA 04012017–1535
Dishwasher Fire in Lynn Condo
Report: FA 05252017–0818
Fire in Marlborough Nursing Home
Report: FA 05152017–0435
Trapped in Cambridge Elevator
Report: EA 09262016–0917
Clogged Washer in Shrewsbury
Report: WA 09262016–1017
Carbon Monoxide in Jamaica Plain
Report: CO 09272016–0157
Boiler Bursts in Wellesley
Report: WA 09272016–0309
Medical Office Break in Quincy
Report: BA 09122016–0926
Trapped in Boston Elevator
Report: EA 09192016–0734
Water Heater Leak in Winchester
Report: WA 08202016–0427
Bank Robber Caught Sleeping
Report: VA 08292016–0501
Smoke in New Hampshire Restaurant
Report: FA 09092016–0527
Fire in Somerville Apartment
Report: FA 11052016–0252
Medical Emergency in Worcester
Report: MA 11062016–0430
Burglary at Windham Store
Report: BA 11112016–0125
Carbon Monoxide in Wellesley
Report: CO 11202016–0318
Pregnant Woman Trapped in Elevator
Report: EA 11222016–1050
Biotech Lab Alarm in Cambridge
Report: GA 10032016–0100
Leaking Boiler in Lincoln
Report: WA 10102016–0321
Stuck in Boston Elevator
Report: EA 11142016–0339
Armed Burglar Arrested in Worcester
Report: BA 11182016–0349
Bank Robber Arrested in South Boston
Report: PA 11122016–1012
Serial Armed Robber Arrested
Report: PA 10152016–0711
Unruly Patient in New Bedford
Report: PA 10302016–0739
Fire at Wilmington Company
Report: FA 12212016–1645
Worcester Bank Robber Arrested
Report: PA 12152016–1158
Trespass at Warwick School
Report: BA 12102016–1937
Threatening Patron in Roslindale
Report: PA 12082016–1110
Medical Alarm in Roxbury
Report: MA 12032016–1927
Smoking Elevator in Clinton
Report: FA 12032016–0714
Carbon Monoxide Alarm in Chelsea
Report: CO 01302017–0938
Medical Emergency in Fitchburg
Report: MA 01102017–0940
Water Leak in Cumberland Basement
Report: WA 01102017–0704
Trapped in Melrose Elevator
Report: EA 01062017–1629
Fire at Brighton Shoe Store
Report: FA 01052017–0854
Water Heater Leak in Boston Basement
Report: WA 01042017–0711
Serial Bank Robber Arrested
Report: PA 01032017–0854
Employee Assaulted in Attleboro
Report: PA 07312016–0407
Restaurant Break in Brockton
Report: BA 07272016–2351
Trapped in Boston Elevator
Report: EA 07152016–0728
Washing Machine Flood in Winchester
Report: WA 07142016–0746
Burglar Scared Off in Wayland
Report: BA 07132016–0746
Burglars Arrested in Stoneham
Report: VA 07072016–0429
Kitchen Fire in Worcester
Report: FA 07012016–1950
Break In at Warwick School
Report: BA 06282016–1859
Trapped in Back Bay Elevator
Report: EA 06282016–0849
Larceny at R.I. Laundry
Report: PA 06262016–1626
Burglars Arrested in Cambridge
Report: BA 06242016–0120
Medical Emergency in Roxbury
Report: MA 06112016–1300
Toilet Overflows in Brookline
Report: WA 06082016–1058
Carbon Monoxide in Norwood Auto Dealer
Report: CO 06082016–1215
Carbon Monoxide in Brockton
Report: CO 06072016–0832
Suitcase Smolders in Boston Hotel
Report: FA 05242016–2340
South End Bank Robber Arrested
Report: PA 05212016–1136
Medical Emergency in Fitchburg
Report: MA 05172016–0417
Dumpster Fire in East Boston
Report: FA 05152016–0918
Stuck in Providence Elevator
Report: EA 05132016–0830
Bank Robber Arrested in Cambridge
Report: BA 05092016–1156
Stuck in Cambridge Elevator
Report: EA 05022016–1408
Homeless in Cambridge Hotel
Report: PA 05022016–0325
Bank Robbery in Somerville
Report: PA 04202016–0207
Brush Fire in Billerica
Report: FA 04292016–1407
Water Heater Bursts in Franklin
Report: FA 04112016–1157
Carbon Monoxide in Auburn Car Dealer
Report: CO 04082016–2025
Water Leak in Newport Home
Report: WA 04072016–1406
Medical Emergency at Reading Gym
Report: PA 04072016–1025
Trapped in Cambridge Elevator
Report: EA 04042016–0551
Bath Tub Floods Boston Frat House
Report: WA 03222016–0147
Smoke in Malden Basement
Report: FA 03212016–0649
Carbon Monoxide Alarm in Framingham
Report: CO 03162016–0218
Medical Alarm in Fitchburg
Report: MA 03082016–1841
Boston Bank Robbery
Report: PA 03042016–0842
Fire in Belmont School
Report: FA 03032016–1310
Video Trespass Alert in Norfolk
Report: VA 03012016–1640
Medical Emergency in Northbridge
Report: MA 01202016–0901
Trapped in Wellesley Elevator
Report: EA 01202016–1649
Sump Pump Failure in Rochester
Report: WA 01132016–0521
Carbon Monoxide Scare in Auburn
Report: CO 01102016–0421
Caught on Camera in Framingham
Report: VA 01072016–1558
Fire in Worcester Group Home
Report: FA 01052016–1629
Dryer Fire in Somerville
Report: FA 01042016–2014
Water Heater Leak in Malden
Report: GA 01012016–0542
Water Leak at Shrewsbury IT firm
Report: WA 09302015–1315
Fight at New Hampshire Gas Station
Report: PA 09282015–0429
Fire in Lincoln Home
Report: FA 09172015–1914
Fire at Tilton Restaurant
Report: FA 09162015–1455
Bank Robber Arrested in Revere
Report: PA 09092015–0900
Medical Alarm in Acton
Report: MA 09072015–0041
Video Alarm nets Arrests in Stoneham
Report: VA 09052015–1751
Trapped in Boston Elevator 3
Report: EA 09032015–1656
School Vandalism in Woburn
Report: BA 09012015–2138
Caught on Video in Stoneham
Report: VA 08302015–1858
Burglar Scared Off in Dorchester
Report: BA 08252015–1242
Medical Emergency in Boston 2
Report: MA 08242015–1338
Burglar Arrested in Worcester
Report: BA 08162015–0402
Medical Emergency in Worcester 2
Report: MA 08132015–1559
Woman and Dog Stuck in Melrose Elevator
Report: EA 08122015–1715
Carbon Monoxide in Weston Home
Report: CO 08012015–2051
Medical Emergency in Lowell
Report: PA 07302015–1040
Armed Robbery in Brockton
Report: BA 07222015–1052
Medical Emergency in Worcester
Report: MA 07192015–1104
Trapped in Boston Elevator
Report: EA 07112015–0138
Cooking Fire in Cambridge
Report: FA 07102015–1313
Employee Theft in Cambridge
Report: BA 07062015–2326
Attempted Break in Worcester
Report: BA 07062015–0729
School Trespass in Billerica
Report: BA 07012015–1806
Electrical Fire in Brookline Condo
Report: FA 05252015–2059
Mulch Fire in Somerville
Report: FA 05252015–1743
Medical Emergency in Worcester
Report: MA 05202015–1121
Caught on Video in Springfield
Report: BA 05182015–1352
Smokey Motor in Bedford, N.H.
Report: FA 05152015–0915
Two Trapped in Cambridge Elevator
Report: EA 05142015–0751
Medical Emergency in Boston
Report: MA 05082015–1218
Unruly Customer in Lowell
Report: PA 05042015–1524
Employee Injured in Cambridge
Report: EA 05022015–1551
Carbon Monoxide in Derry
Report: CO 03302015–1359
Medical Alarm at Reading Gym
Report: MA 03222015–1006
Propane Leak in Gloucester
Report: GA 03112015–1015
Trapped in Melrose Elevator
Report: EA 03102015–1444
Two Breaks in Worcester
Report: BA 03072015–1926
Fire in Malden
Report: FA 03062015–1253
Water Leak in Salem
Report: FA 03042015–0649
Medical Emergency in Worcester
Report: MA 03012015–0035
Stove Unattended in Salem
Report: FA 02242015–0804
Medical Emergency in Worcester 2
Report: MA 02212015–1114
Smoking Roof in Brookline
Report: FA 02092015–0624
Burglar foiled in Worcester
Report: BA 02092015–0112
Carbon Monoxide in Winchester
Report: CO 02072015–0239
Garage Fumes in Dover
Report: GA 02032015–0546
Trapped in Southbridge Elevator
Report: EA 02022015–1225
Medical Emergency in Boston 2
Report: MA 02012015–1004
Gas Leak in Quincy
Report: GA 01302015–0858
Carbon Monoxide in Shrewsbury Home
Report: CO 01262015–0249
Burglars Caught on Video in Springfield
Report: VA 01252015–0043
Armed Robbery in Melrose
Report: PA 01172015–2247
Burglar Foiled in Cambridge
Report: BA 01122015–0533
Pot Smokers in Worcester
Report: FA 01072015–0231
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