Packages left on front porch, a reminder of holiday shopping security topics

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Holiday Shopping Security Tips

Packages left on front porch, a reminder of holiday security topicsBlack Friday and Cyber Monday both bring opportunities for great deals—and the potential for theft. As more shoppers switch from in-person to online shopping, the opportunities for package theft and fraud increase. In addition, more shopping activity means more possibility of credit card fraud or identity theft. To stay protected from theft of all kinds, follow these tips for holiday shopping security.

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Thanksgiving dinner being served to happy family, a safe and healthy Thanksgiving scene to remind people of Thanksgiving cooking safety tips

Thanksgiving Cooking Fire Safety Tips

Thanksgiving dinner being served to happy family, a safe and healthy Thanksgiving scene to remind people of Thanksgiving cooking safety tipsThere are 2.3 times more residential fires reported on Thanksgiving Day than on any other day in the United States. These fires account for over $26 million in property loss each year and are predominantly caused by cooking. Around 1,400 home cooking fires are reported to U.S. fire departments each year on Thanksgiving, which is more than triple the daily average of cooking-related fires. 

To have a safe and enjoyable holiday this year, consider the following cooking safety tips.

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Fire extinguisher and smoke alarm, fire safety

Fire Safety Week: Home Fire Safety Checklist

Fire extinguisher and smoke alarm, fire safetyOctober 3rd through October 9th is Fire Safety Week. To celebrate, we’ve created a handy list you can use to fire-proof your home. These actionable fire safety tips may save your home from becoming one of the nearly 500,000 structures that catch fire in America each year.

Print this list and keep it on your fridge or in another convenient location to remind you of what to do to protect your home from a harmful fire.

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Image of someone using a car remote / keyless entry to unlock a car

How Your Car’s Keyless Entry System Makes Auto Theft Easier Than Ever

Image of someone using a car remote / keyless entry to unlock a car2020 brought 873,080 car thefts—the highest number in a decade. The previous few years leading up to 2020 actually saw a decrease in car thefts before this 9.2% upward jump. The reason? Keyless entry systems and push-button ignitions.

These technological advancements have at once made our lives more convenient and our cars more at risk for theft. This is due to a combination of readily-available technology found on popular online shopping mega-sites and our very own key fobs, which provide for easy access and quick getaways.

Problems with Spare Key Fobs

Gone are the days of slow, manual hotwiring practices. Now, all a car thief has to do is spot a spare key fob in your cup holder to gain instant access to your car. This is because most keyless entry systems won’t completely lock if your key fob is still in your vehicle. That means anyone can walk up, open the door, and drive away.

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Watch Out for These Common Scams Against the Elderly

Fraud continues to impact people of every age, yet those over the age of 60 report more financial loss than any other portion of the population. Elders between the ages of 60-65 report an average loss of $500 per successful fraud attempt. That number increases right along with age. Those 80 and older lose an average of $1500 per fraudulent attack.

If you are a member of our elderly population—or if you have a loved one who is—be aware of the following common scams. Each one affects seniors 60+ at a higher rate than any other age group. Once you know how the scam works, you’ll be far less likely to fall victim to it.

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Elderly mother and daughter at home

How Medical Alert Systems Can Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

Elderly mother and daughter at homeOur elderly loved ones have been through it this past year. Not only are they at the highest risk for COVID, but they are also among the most likely population to end up in the hospital due to an injury from a fall. They also consistently visit the ER due to complications from overexertion and environmental encounters such as insect stings. Lastly, they are commonly treated for accidental poisoning by way of misused prescription medications.

They may not admit it, but they need protection.

A Medical Alert System is a powerful tool to ensure your parents can get the help they need in case of an accident. It gives them an immediate source of help no matter where they are. It also gives you peace of mind. In New England, support for family caregivers is among the lowest in the nation. It is imperative that you do all you can to keep your loved ones healthy so that all of you can enjoy as much freedom and autonomy as possible.

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Person putting travel bags in a car trunk

How to Protect Yourself from Car Theft and Break-ins

Person putting travel bags in a car trunkVehicle theft and car break-ins are on the rise in New England. In fact, Connecticut alone has seen a 42% rise in vehicle thefts and break-ins over the last year. Many residents have grown concerned about the waves of car-related crimes and wonder how to keep their vehicles safe.

Reports show that these crimes are considered opportunistic, rather than planned in most cases. This means thieves are on the prowl specifically for unlocked or isolated vehicles. They are unlikely to commit the crime if they can clearly see that the area is monitored by video surveillance, or if there is an evident alarm on the car. Instead, they will move on to a more vulnerable vehicle.

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Person's hand showing loose bristle from wire grill cleaning brush. Dangerous when it sticks to meat or other food and a person accidentally swallows it. Digestion damage, life threatening situation.

5 Wild Summer Safety Hazards You Should Know

Person's hand showing loose bristle from wire grill cleaning brush. Dangerous when it sticks to meat or other food and a person accidentally swallows it. Digestion damage, life threatening situation.It’s time for warm weather, sunny days, and…safety hazards? It’s true: summertime may hold many days of sunbathing, beach outings, and barbecues, but it also brings with it some wild risks you need to know about. We’re going beyond your standard sunburn and dehydration to some strange dangers you wouldn’t even think about – but should.

Keep these potential risks in mind along with all the fun summer plans you’ve got going on. A little extra caution can make all the difference between a safe and happy summer season, and a summer of unexpected disaster.

Beware Your Wire Grill Brush

Want some sharp wire with your barbecue? While most wouldn’t even think to check their grill for stray grill brush hairs, the truth is wire grill brush accidents have sent thousands of people to the ER over the last several years alone. 

The hairs left behind on the grill after brushing end up in your burger or ribs, and ultimately in your throat. Yikes. Better double (or maybe triple) check your grill for random wire brush hairs that have been left behind before you fire it up for your next backyard party.

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emergency response locator yard sign with house number

These Yard Signs Keep You Safe and in Compliance with Massachusetts State Law

In the event of an emergency, every second matters. That’s why Massachusetts law C. 148, S. 59. states that all homes and buildings must have a prominently displayed house number. Yet, many Massachusetts residents are not in compliance with this law. If your house number is not clearly visible, it may delay the arrival of help when you need it most. 

Additionally, burglars look for homes that are clearly unprotected, and tend to shy away from those with evident security. However, an emergency such as a break-in can be avoided entirely with the presence of a window sticker or yard sign indicating that the home or building is protected by an alarm system.

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Spring Cleaning, Home Safety, Gutter Cleaning

Spring Home Safety Checklist

Spring Cleaning, Home Safety, Gutter CleaningSpring and Summer is upon us and that means it’s time to get your home in shape for nice weather and even nicer activities. From prepping for a good outdoor barbecue, to ensuring your home’s air is clean and fresh, this spring home safety checklist has you covered. Plan a “spring cleaning” weekend and mark all these items off to ready your home for a fantastic spring season. 

Indoor Spring Home Safety

  • Deep Clean Your Dryer

Dryers can become fire hazards if not deep cleaned throughout the year. Move it away from the wall and wipe down all surfaces. Pull out your vacuum cleaner and use it to clean the lint trap inlet and vent pipe.

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