Heart Health Month: How Fitness Centers Can Ensure a Safe Workout Environment

The CDC Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention has dubbed February American Heart Month in an effort to raise awareness around heart health. For fitness centers, this is an ideal time to remind your members of the health benefits of exercise and encourage them to remain committed to their fitness goals for the year.

The Mayo Clinic recommends that adults aim for 150 minutes of moderate cardiovascular activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week. Exercise can help the heart function more efficiently, assist with weight loss, and even help lower high blood pressure.

Since your gym members are working hard to protect their health, it’s up to you to provide a safe and comfortable environment to work out. Here are some simple tips to ensure your staff and patrons are safe at the gym!

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4 Benefits of Commercial Security Systems for Landlords

Landlords are obligated to ensure that their rental units meet safety standards prior to renting them. They are also responsible for ensuring the property is free of rodents, is in good repair, and that they meet the needs of their renters. Commercial security systems can help assist landlords at achieving these goals. Here’s a look at 4 reasons why that is the case.

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How to Prevent and Extinguish Electrical Fires in a Commercial Building

According to the National Fire Protection Association, structure fires in professional buildings account for millions of dollars in property damage each year. Electrical distribution and lighting are the second leading cause of these fires, making up approximately 15% of the total property damage. Taking a proactive approach to fire safety and prevention will lower the likelihood of an unexpected blaze and keep your business and employees safe. Here are some tips for preventing and extinguishing electrical fires in commercial buildings.

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Restaurant Security Tips

Restaurant managers and owners need to prioritize their security. This not only keeps the restaurant, customers, and employees safe, but it also helps protect the restaurant’s future success. Security incidents can be costly, but with the proper measures, you can help prevent these incidents from occurring.

Threats include burglaries conducted after hours, employee thefts, and even thefts performed by existing customers. Here are some security tips that provide advice as to how you can keep your restaurant safe and secure: Read more

Doctor reviewing medical record in hospital

Healthcare Business Security Challenges: An Overview

Healthcare organizations have a lot to protect, including patients, staff, medical records, medications, and valuable equipment. If you’re looking for a security solution for your healthcare organization, choosing a partner that understands your business’s needs is vital.

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Restaurant Safety Tips for Winter

Dining out during the winter months is one of the joys of the season. Unfortunately, winter poses some safety challenges that need to be addressed to keep both diners and employees safe. Between cramped workspaces, open flames, packed dining rooms, and winter weather, there are some potential safety hazards to address.

These safety tips provide guidance for how restaurants can keep employees and customers safe during the winter months:

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Blackouts Are a Risk This Winter – Is Your Business Ready?

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has resulted in Russia halting its pipeline gas supply to most of Europe, leaving a gap in the fuel supply. New England, which relies on liquified natural gas (LNG) for electricity, must now compete against European countries for fuel.

ISO New England Inc. advises that a prolonged cold spell this winter will put the region at risk for blackouts as the demand on the grid may be more than it can bear. ISO warns that these blackouts may be necessary to curb the supply and demand imbalance.

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Commercial Security Camera

Commercial Security Components Series: Wrap-up

Commercial Security CameraCommercial security systems are integral to protecting your employees, products, and your premises from hazards like fires or break-ins. They can also assist with quality control and loss prevention, protect you against false injury claims, and help you monitor employee attendance and behavior in the workplace.

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Benefits of Consolidating Your Commercial Security Vendors

The number of different security systems you rely on to run your business safely can quickly become overwhelming. Between your fire, access control, burglar alarms, video networks, and environmental systems, staying on top of vendors, billing, and system maintenance requires a significant time investment.

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What Are Backup Communications?

When your security system is triggered, an alarm notification is transmitted to a Central Station, usually via a phone or internet connection. What happens if the connection is compromised? A burglar may cut your building’s power supply, or your cable or phone lines could be damaged during a fire. 

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