Top Security Considerations When Moving to a New Home

Moving into a new home is an exciting time, but it can also pose some safety risks. According to Forbes, over 1 million burglaries happen each year. This means that once you move, you need to account for the security of both of these homes, at least as long as you still own the old property. Here are some security measures you should take during and after your move:
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4 Simple School Bus Safety Tips to Share With Your Kids

February 22nd is National School Bus Driver Appreciation Day, which honors school bus drivers for their dedication to getting kids to and from school safely. What better way to celebrate our school bus drivers than by teaching our children some simple bus etiquette to help make the bus drivers’ jobs easier?

Here are some basic school bus safety tips to go over with your kids.

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How a Home Security System Gives You Peace of Mind When Kids Are Home Alone

If you’re uneasy with the idea of your kids being left home alone, you’ll be pleased to know that your home security system enables you to keep tabs on them and ensure their safety even when you’re not around. Here are some ways a home security system can offer peace of mind when your kids are home unsupervised.

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4 Benefits of Commercial Security Systems for Landlords

Landlords are obligated to ensure that their rental units meet safety standards prior to renting them. They are also responsible for ensuring the property is free of rodents, is in good repair, and that they meet the needs of their renters. Commercial security systems can help assist landlords at achieving these goals. Here’s a look at 4 reasons why that is the case.

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Electrical Fire

How to Prevent and Extinguish Electrical Fires in Your Home

Electrical FireResidential home electrical fires are responsible for approximately 46,000 home fires and over $1.5 billion in property damage each year. The numbers may sound daunting, but the good news is that by performing regular fire safety audits and using your electrical devices responsibly, you can greatly reduce the risk of electrical fire within your home. Here are some simple tips for preventing and extinguishing residential electrical fires.
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Stay Safe While Traveling This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving weekend is one of the biggest travel weekends of the year, and driving is typically the most popular method of travel. In 2021, AAA predicted 48.3 million people would travel by car over the holiday weekend. A year later, there are even fewer restrictions, and folks are even more eager to visit family and friends, so it’s safe to expect even more travelers on the nation’s highways.

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Keyless entry system for home

Benefits of Using a Keyless Entry System for Your Home

For families and households where many individuals are coming and going, keyless entry offers additional security and convenience. There’s no longer a need to hide a spare key for service providers or any concern about your children misplacing their key copies and getting locked out of the house after school. With keyless entry you can add and revoke access to your home any time you need to. You don’t even need to be there in person!

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Back to School Safety in 2022

Back to school is a busy time of the year, and a big adjustment period for both kids and parents. If your children are headed back to school this fall, these tips will help you make sure they stay safe and sound on their way to and from the school grounds.

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Residential Construction Site

How to Secure a Residential Construction Site

Residential Construction SiteResidential construction sites are vulnerable to threats like burglary, vandalism, and false injury claims. Whether you’re overseeing a small home renovation or a brand new residential construction project, it’s essential to keep the site secure from unauthorized personnel and closely monitor your construction team. Here are some simple tips for securing your residential construction site.

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Person using home security system

How to Know if Your Home Security System Needs to Be Upgraded or Checked

Between your changing needs and the evolution of technology, you should regularly audit and upgrade your home security system. Advances in home security technology improve efficiency and functionality by increasing your system’s resilience (so it never goes down), making it easier for you to monitor your home from afar, and offering real-time alerts if anything goes wrong. If you’re unsure whether your system is well-optimized, here are a few signs your home security system needs to be checked and upgraded.

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