How a Home Security System Gives You Peace of Mind When Kids Are Home Alone

If you’re uneasy with the idea of your kids being left home alone, you’ll be pleased to know that your home security system enables you to keep tabs on them and ensure their safety even when you’re not around. Here are some ways a home security system can offer peace of mind when your kids are home unsupervised.

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4 Benefits of Commercial Security Systems for Landlords

Landlords are obligated to ensure that their rental units meet safety standards prior to renting them. They are also responsible for ensuring the property is free of rodents, is in good repair, and that they meet the needs of their renters. Commercial security systems can help assist landlords at achieving these goals. Here’s a look at 4 reasons why that is the case.

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Doctor reviewing medical record in hospital

Healthcare Business Security Challenges: An Overview

Healthcare organizations have a lot to protect, including patients, staff, medical records, medications, and valuable equipment. If you’re looking for a security solution for your healthcare organization, choosing a partner that understands your business’s needs is vital.

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Commercial Security Camera

Commercial Security Components Series: Wrap-up

Commercial Security CameraCommercial security systems are integral to protecting your employees, products, and your premises from hazards like fires or break-ins. They can also assist with quality control and loss prevention, protect you against false injury claims, and help you monitor employee attendance and behavior in the workplace.

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IP Video Systems and Commercial Security

Internet protocol (IP) video cameras are a popular alternative to analog cameras because they use a local area network (LAN) to send and receive footage to an internet or video server. Data is stored such that nothing is lost if the system is tampered with or damaged.

IP video systems are incredibly beneficial in commercial settings. The footage can be used to monitor employees and oversee quality control during daily business operations. They are helpful for loss prevention and protection as well. In case of a break-in, vandalism, or any other illegal activity, referring to the video footage may assist the authorities in identifying the perpetrator. Video cameras also provide peace of mind in the event of on-site injuries. They provide a clear picture of an incident and avoiding instances of false injury claims. 

Below we’ll look at the elements of an IP video network and see how they work together.

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How to Protect Your Business From Top New England Crime Trends in 2022

Performing a regular audit of the security system within your business helps you make sure it is still meeting your needs. Even if your security system is fully functional, your security needs may have evolved since you first had it installed.

Staying on top of current crime trends will help you adjust and optimize your security strategy to ensure your business remains protected.

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Overview of a Commercial Security System

Commercial security systems are an essential part of keeping your business and your employees safe. They can also help you monitor your production line for quality control, and even protect you from things like false injury claims or employee misconduct.

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Residential Construction Site

How to Secure a Residential Construction Site

Residential Construction SiteResidential construction sites are vulnerable to threats like burglary, vandalism, and false injury claims. Whether you’re overseeing a small home renovation or a brand new residential construction project, it’s essential to keep the site secure from unauthorized personnel and closely monitor your construction team. Here are some simple tips for securing your residential construction site.

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Image of person in cannabis production, part of post about cannabis security

Top 4 Security Challenges for Cannabis Producers and Dispensaries

Image of person in cannabis production, part of post about cannabis securityDue to strict regulations and a high vulnerability to theft, a robust security strategy is essential for cannabis industry businesses. Failing to develop a security strategy compliant with the Cannabis Compliance Commissions (CCC) requirements can be a costly mistake in terms of both time and money. Understanding the leading security challenges of the industry will help you determine what to prioritize and how to allocate your security budget.

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Delivered packages at a door, part of a blog post on package theft

How to Prevent Package Theft

A report by Safewise revealed that 64.1% of Americans fell victim to package theft in 2021, resulting in over $2 billion in stolen goods. This act, often referred to as porch piracy, is most common in metropolitan areas, but happens throughout the entire country. Packages are lifted most around the winter holidays and during the summer when people are on vacation. 

Even though the average value of stolen merchandise was only $50, tracking, reporting, and coordinating refunds for stolen packages is an administrative burden you could do without. Here are some simple tips for preventing package theft.

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