Healthcare Series: Security Challenges for Multi-tenant Healthcare Facilities

Multi-tenant healthcare facilities pose unique security challenges due to their size and structure. Typically, these organizations require a security strategy for the building at large and individual security solutions for each tenant. These tailored systems will protect these organizations’ patient records, equipment, medications, staff, and patients.
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NECANN 2023: Understanding Cannabis Industry Security Compliance Standards

The American Alarm team is gearing up to attend the New England Cannabis Convention (NECANN), held from March 10 – 12 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. Ahead of the event, we wanted to touch on a topic that comes up over and over again within the cannabis industry: regulatory compliance.

Through conversations with state agents, we’ve learned that many cannabis facilities are failing to complete required security inspections. The Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) claims that they’ve issued far fewer licenses so far this year than expected due to compliance issues.

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How Access Control Supports Daily Operations in Municipal Buildings

Municipal buildings, such as schools, libraries, and city halls, require a certain level of security to protect sensitive documents and the people who attend or work within them. Depending on the nature of the building, access may be more or less strict and may only pertain to certain areas of the building. Access control systems are a powerful way to support daily operations in these buildings while providing a first layer of building security. The benefits of access control are not going unnoticed. In fact, according to Globe Newswire, the Electronic Access Control Systems Market was valued at $33.52 billion USD in 2022.
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Restaurant Security Tips

Restaurant managers and owners need to prioritize their security. This not only keeps the restaurant, customers, and employees safe, but it also helps protect the restaurant’s future success. Security incidents can be costly, but with the proper measures, you can help prevent these incidents from occurring.

Threats include burglaries conducted after hours, employee thefts, and even thefts performed by existing customers. Here are some security tips that provide advice as to how you can keep your restaurant safe and secure: Read more

Doctor reviewing medical record in hospital

Healthcare Business Security Challenges: An Overview

Healthcare organizations have a lot to protect, including patients, staff, medical records, medications, and valuable equipment. If you’re looking for a security solution for your healthcare organization, choosing a partner that understands your business’s needs is vital.

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Blackouts Are a Risk This Winter – Is Your Business Ready?

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has resulted in Russia halting its pipeline gas supply to most of Europe, leaving a gap in the fuel supply. New England, which relies on liquified natural gas (LNG) for electricity, must now compete against European countries for fuel.

ISO New England Inc. advises that a prolonged cold spell this winter will put the region at risk for blackouts as the demand on the grid may be more than it can bear. ISO warns that these blackouts may be necessary to curb the supply and demand imbalance.

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Commercial Security Camera

Commercial Security Components Series: Wrap-up

Commercial Security CameraCommercial security systems are integral to protecting your employees, products, and your premises from hazards like fires or break-ins. They can also assist with quality control and loss prevention, protect you against false injury claims, and help you monitor employee attendance and behavior in the workplace.

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Benefits of Consolidating Your Commercial Security Vendors

The number of different security systems you rely on to run your business safely can quickly become overwhelming. Between your fire, access control, burglar alarms, video networks, and environmental systems, staying on top of vendors, billing, and system maintenance requires a significant time investment.

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What Are Backup Communications?

When your security system is triggered, an alarm notification is transmitted to a Central Station, usually via a phone or internet connection. What happens if the connection is compromised? A burglar may cut your building’s power supply, or your cable or phone lines could be damaged during a fire. 

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IP Video Systems and Commercial Security

Internet protocol (IP) video cameras are a popular alternative to analog cameras because they use a local area network (LAN) to send and receive footage to an internet or video server. Data is stored such that nothing is lost if the system is tampered with or damaged.

IP video systems are incredibly beneficial in commercial settings. The footage can be used to monitor employees and oversee quality control during daily business operations. They are helpful for loss prevention and protection as well. In case of a break-in, vandalism, or any other illegal activity, referring to the video footage may assist the authorities in identifying the perpetrator. Video cameras also provide peace of mind in the event of on-site injuries. They provide a clear picture of an incident and avoiding instances of false injury claims. 

Below we’ll look at the elements of an IP video network and see how they work together.

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