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A shot of a young man in a server room with hi-tech supercomputers on display, LED lights are surrounding the equipment he is using.

6 Ways Employees Might Compromise IT Security

6 Ways Employees Might Compromise IT Security

A shot of a young man in a server room with hi-tech supercomputers on display, LED lights are surrounding the equipment he is using.October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, so what better time to bring up the topic? Company owners want to be able to trust their staff. Yet, 52% of employers have noted that employees pose the greatest risk to company security. Considering that nearly 68% of businesses admit that their security risks are growing year after year, it is imperative that employers be able to rely on their staff to uphold security measures – even when no one’s watching.

Consider these six common ways employees compromise IT security. Once you understand where your employees need more guidance, you can offer it to them in a way that makes them feel valued and supported – a win for them and your company. 

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Wallet with cash inside sitting on a stone hand rail

Security Technology to Help Find Lost Items

Wallet with cash inside sitting on a stone hand railThe average person spends ten minutes per day looking for a lost item. That’s nearly 2.5 days per year spent trying to retrieve glasses, keys, wallets, and other valuables that have slipped out of sight.

What’s more, Americans spend over 2.7 billion dollars per year in replacement costs for lost goods. Yet, in 2020, there’s no need to waste money replacing what’s been lost. Here are several technology tools you can use to ensure that you always keep track of your most valuable possessions. 

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5 Great Tech Reasons For A Business Security Update

You probably don’t spend much time thinking about your building’s security infrastructure, but it may be time you did.

Many property/business owners buy and install security solutions and then forget all about them. As with all high tech products and services, a security solution cannot run permanently on autopilot. It needs a bit of care and tending. Read more

Merrimack Valley Gas Disaster: Proactive Vigilance Is Essential

Tragedy can strike any time, from even the most mundane sources as the recent Merrimack Valley gas disaster demonstrates. According to WHDH News in Boston, excess pressure in natural gas pipelines caused explosions and fires in 80 homes in three communities. Dozens of houses were destroyed completely, and a young man was killed.

As a Providence Journal editorial on the disaster notes,: “The explosions are a stark and unwelcome reminder of the fragility of America’s critical infrastructure network, which includes the electrical grid, the banking system, telecommunications, the food supply system, the water system and public health networks.” Given New England’s aging infrastructure, such threats will likely continue, but homeowners can empower themselves to respond as proactively as possible and reduce potential threats to their properties, families and communities. Read more

Saving Money on DIY Security Cameras Means Taking Major Risks

In recent years we have seen technology improvement leaps and cost reductions in do-it-yourself (DIY) cameras and security systems. This has contributed to the rising popularity of residential alarms and monitoring. An Angie’s List essay says half of home owners surveyed claimed they want to install a monitored security system.

Some property owners hope to save money with low-cost alarm/monitoring solutions and services. These buyers are going to relatively cheap providers (as opposed to the more traditional national or regional companies) as a Forbes article notes. Other owners are even winging it alone with self-monitored systems.

Both of these groups of consumers may be making a huge mistake. Read more

School Systems Security in the 21st Century

In recent years, we’ve seen all too many tragedies unfold in our public school systems and universities. Even more incidents end quietly that could have been much worse. Last year, a school custodian in South Hampton, New Hampshire, discovered an intruder armed with a shotgun and carrying prescription medication. Fortunately, the man fled and was later apprehended, local news reported. This just underscores the reality of the risks.security camera in a classroom

Strong security systems can protect our children and have recently proven effective in Everett, Massachusetts and Warwick, Rhode Island.

Recognizing the issue, education officials across the country have been investing heavily in security equipment and services. The total market value for the education sector of security gear and services hit $2.7 billion last year, according to industry research.

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