Central Station: The Key to a Swift Alarm Response

When an alarm system is triggered, a quick and effective response is essential to ensure the safety of a commercial building and its occupants. Whether the alarm is falsely triggered or the result of a true emergency, having a monitored alarm system will help you ensure that every alert receives an appropriate response.

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Homeowners: Beware of Unlicensed Security Companies

beware unlicensed security companiesControlling the safety of your home has never been easier. With a simple click from your smartphone or tablet, you can open windows, unlock doors, even start your car — but before you hire a home security company to protect your valuables, you should first do some research.

A recent letter from the Massachusetts Systems Contractors Association warns consumers about the dangers of hiring unlicensed companies to secure your home.

It said security companies in the state are required to be licensed by the State Board of Electrical Examiners and have a public safety license to protect you from people who may have a criminal background and to ensure their system effectively works in an emergency situation.
Watch our video below for this and important tips to consider when selecting your home security company:

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Security System Credentials: Don’t Get Burned By Fly-By-Night Contractors

cheap home security systemsInstalling a security system isn’t like installing a satellite dish: you can’t just do a quick Craigslist search and have someone come to your house and do a bang-up installation job.

Unfortunately, there are a number of so-called professional home and business security companies out there that misrepresent their actual licensing and certifications, and whose employees pose as legitimate, authorized burglar alarm installation technicians when the reality is quite different. Read more

How Important are Security Industry Certifications?

When you’re choosing a home security system or business security system provider it can be illuminating to investigate the industry certifications attained by each candidate.

In the alarm business there are a number of active, high-profile organizations that publish guidelines and best operating practices and reward companies that go above and beyond the minimum required to ensure the safety and protection of their customers.

The Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) is responsible for awarding the top security industry certification, the Five Diamond Certification. In order to be considered for Five Diamond status, a company must ensure that each of its central station operators passes one of two important CSAA training courses as well as demonstrate a complete understanding of national fire codes and security standards. Read more