How Often Should I Change the Battery in My Smoke Detector?

Smoke detectors in your home are key to ensuring the safety of your family and property. Having smoke detectors placed around your home is one thing, keeping them in working order is another.

It’s critical to keep your smoke detector battery working to protect your household. Here are some things you should know about the battery in your smoke detector.
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The Four Leading Causes of House Fires & How to Prevent Them

House fires are often caused by everyday tasks that we don’t think twice about. While investing in smoke and fire detectors is an important part of keeping your home and family safe, it’s equally important to know the leading causes of house fires and how to prevent them.
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Fire Prevention Month: Fire Safety for Small Businesses

October is National Fire Prevention Month and while much time is devoted to raising awareness on preventing home fires, residences aren’t the only places affected. As a small business owner, you are responsible for making sure your staff and customers have a safe place to conduct business.
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Campus Safety Month: How to Keep Students Safe on Your College Campus

September is National Campus Safety Awareness Month; in Massachusetts, it’s Campus Fire Safety Month. As college students settle into their routines for the year, educational institutions must ensure they are studying and living in a safe environment. Here are some tips for keeping students safe on your college campus.
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Why It’s Time to Upgrade the Communication of Your Fire Panel

As we speak, POTS lines (plain old telephone systems) are being phased out. Major telecom companies like AT&T and Verizon are in the process of decommissioning their POTS systems as they are no longer the gold standard. Since older fire panels relied, at least in part, on POTS lines for communication, it’s time to make sure your panel is using modern communication methods.
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3 Commercial Fire Statistics to Know

Fires to commercial buildings, such as retail spaces, restaurants, office buildings, and industrial spaces, can not only cause extensive damage to the structure but also pose a risk to lives, income, and supplies stored inside. Knowing the leading causes of fires can not only help you be prepared in the event of one, but keep these areas as safe as possible. Read more

How to Prevent and Extinguish Electrical Fires in a Commercial Building

According to the National Fire Protection Association, structure fires in professional buildings account for millions of dollars in property damage each year. Electrical distribution and lighting are the second leading cause of these fires, making up approximately 15% of the total property damage. Taking a proactive approach to fire safety and prevention will lower the likelihood of an unexpected blaze and keep your business and employees safe. Here are some tips for preventing and extinguishing electrical fires in commercial buildings.

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Big mug with hot tea and a candle, wool scarf, near cozy fireplace, in country house

Winter Holidays Home Safety Tips

Big mug with hot tea and a candle, wool scarf, near cozy fireplace, in country houseBetween holiday decorating, hosting gatherings, entertaining visitors from out of town, and an increase in deliveries, there is a lot going on around the house during the holidays. Although these activities are fun, these distractions can cause security and safety risks that leave your home vulnerable.

This article will cover some tips that will ensure that your home is safe and secure though the holiday season.

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Restaurant Safety Tips for Winter

Dining out during the winter months is one of the joys of the season. Unfortunately, winter poses some safety challenges that need to be addressed to keep both diners and employees safe. Between cramped workspaces, open flames, packed dining rooms, and winter weather, there are some potential safety hazards to address.

These safety tips provide guidance for how restaurants can keep employees and customers safe during the winter months:

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Commercial Security Camera

Commercial Security Components Series: Wrap-up

Commercial Security CameraCommercial security systems are integral to protecting your employees, products, and your premises from hazards like fires or break-ins. They can also assist with quality control and loss prevention, protect you against false injury claims, and help you monitor employee attendance and behavior in the workplace.

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