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Benefits of Cloud-Based Security for Biotech and Beyond

With technology advancing rapidly, strong security measures are now more important than ever. Cloud-based systems are the best choice for securing data and facilities in sensitive sectors like biotech. But, the benefits are applicable across many industries.

Read on to learn about the transformative benefits of cloud-based security systems for companies.
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How to Host a Safe Black Friday Event in Your Retail Store

Black Friday draws large crowds of eager shoppers to retail stores seeking incredible deals and discounts. It kicks off the lucrative holiday shopping season, which, for many retailers, accounts for up to 20% of annual revenue. Black Friday also presents unique challenges, particularly in ensuring the safety of both customers and staff. Below, we’ll explore essential tips for managing a Black Friday event in a retail setting safely. Strategies include staff training, crowd control, store layout optimization, security measures, communication, and emergency response planning.
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How to Host a Fun and Safe Halloween Event in Your Store

As a business, getting involved in holiday events can help to boost your recognition in the community. It shows you care enough to get involved and aren’t all about business. You can have fun too. It’s important to take safety into consideration when hosting events at your business, especially with the increased foot traffic you are likely to experience. Here are some things to consider if you plan to partake in the Halloween festivities.
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How a Security Partner Can Support Regulatory Compliance for Biotech Companies

Biotechnology companies with lab spaces must meet the compliance standards of their regulating authorities. Organizations like the USDA, EPA, and FDA work to ensure that biotechnology and biopharma processes and products are safe for the health of humans, animals, and the environment.
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Securing Areas of Refuge in Your Commercial Building

According to Massachussetts building code, most multi-story commercial buildings constructed or extensively renovated after 2015 are required to include an area of refuge in their design. (Note: There are certain exceptions to this code, including certain types of healthcare facilities and buildings with supervised automatic sprinkler systems.)
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How to Secure Your Server Room

Servers are responsible for storing critical company data and backups that support workplace systems and productivity, so protecting them is essential. A server room security strategy will protect your valuable equipment from environmental changes, tampering, or accidental damage. Here’s how your commercial security system can help protect your server room.
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The Benefits of Intercom for Visitor Entry Control

Communication interfaces are essential for managing visitor entry in busy workplaces, and modern technology is making it easier than  before. Intercom systems were hard-wired to phone lines in the past, now these communication interfaces function over the internet. As a result, systems are more dynamic and easier to scale, simplifying visitor management for companies of any size. Read on to discover the top benefits of an IP intercom system.
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Healthcare Series: Security Challenges for Hospitals

Hospitals have dynamic security profiles as they must incorporate strategies for protecting patients, employees, equipment, medical records, medications, and visitors. Because hospitals typically have established security programs, any security partner they bring on for additional support must be able to integrate with these systems. At the same time, hospitals must ensure that their security solutions support compliance with governing entities and regulatory guidelines within the healthcare industry.
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Key Benefits of Mobile Access Control

With a mobile credential, an individual can use their smart phone to scan into locked areas where they would have used a keycard or fob in the past. Mobile credentials are becoming increasingly popular in access control systems because they are easier to manage and more secure than cards, fobs, or keys. Read more

Healthcare Series: Security Challenges for Multi-tenant Healthcare Facilities

Multi-tenant healthcare facilities pose unique security challenges due to their size and structure. Typically, these organizations require a security strategy for the building at large and individual security solutions for each tenant. These tailored systems will protect these organizations’ patient records, equipment, medications, staff, and patients.
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