Bad Birthday: Autistic Man’s Cash Gift Stolen in Stamford

Bad Birthday: Autistic Man's Cash Gift Stolen in StamfordBirthdays are supposed to be happy occasions: cake, balloons, and the company of close friends. However, for one Stamford man late last year, $100 in birthday cash led to a very strange series of events.

According to Lohud, it all started when the autistic man received $100 for his birthday. He was quickly befriended by 27 year-old Steven St. Jacques, also of Stamford, who played a “game” with the victim, which involved taking the money and then pretending to put it back into the man’s pocket. Police posted security footage of the event on YouTube and later arrested St. Jacques at his home, where they recovered clothing matching that worn by the suspect in the video. The victim was presented with a new gift: $1300 collected by the police union.

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Running the Core on IP – Money Saving Legacy Protocol Tips

IP video surveillanceThe transition from analog-based business video surveillance to an IP-based digital monitoring has gathered significant momentum over the course of the past five years. However, there are still many organizations that choose to maintain existing analog video systems because of the perceived costs associated with moving to an IP solution, as well as concerns about reliability. Fortunately, it is possible to combine analog and IP video surveillance under the same umbrella and in doing so reduce the overall security budget. Read more

Top Benefits and Challenges of Integrated Security Access

integrated security accessControlling who has access to the sensitive areas of your business has always been an integral part of any overall security system. However, in the post 911 world, such issues take on even greater concerns and greater challenges as matters of privacy, identity theft and Homeland Security also have to be taken into consideration.

Advanced access control systems can do a whole lot more than merely control who has access to your premise or key areas and when that person has access. They can be used to track specific employees, monitor the locations of high-value equipment or assets, and even verify employee hours and attendance records. Read more