Five-Finger Felons: How to Stop the Shoplift

Five-Finger Felons: How to Stop the ShopliftIn 2013, Boston police responded to over 8,000 complaints of property crime, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report (UCR). This equates to over 20 incidents per day and doesn’t indicate how many of these reported crimes led to arrests. What’s more, statistics can’t account for shoplifting and other property crimes that go unreported or unnoticed.

It’s no surprise that small businesses are feeling the pinch with profit margins slimming and high-value items disappearing thanks to five-finger discounts. How can you stop the shoplift?

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Video Surveillance Cameras Keep An Eye On Safer Schools

school video surveillanceSchool security is a subject that strikes close to home for millions of Americans. Each and every day parents send their children to school hoping their experience isn’t interrupted by the kind of violence or chaos that all too often makes national headlines. It is more than just keeping an eye out for potentially tragic situations; it also means keeping the educational environment and students safe from the perils of theft, accidents, and harassment.

A significant portion of the effort to keep kids safe at school involves keeping a watchful eye all of the activities that take place on campus. Security systems that monitor a school’s entry points, the perimeter of its grounds, classrooms and other shared spaces are crucial in helping law enforcement and other emergency personnel respond quickly to an incident. It also allows for less obvious threats, such as patterns of theft or vandalism, to be dealt with using a firm chain of evidence.

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Modern Business Security Systems: A Primer For Property Managers

Owners of investment real estate properties understand the value of highly skilled property managers. Property owners, especially those that own multiple income properties, rarely have the time or expertise to manage the day-to-day operations, and routine maintenance of their properties. That’s where a property manager comes in.

A property manager has many responsibilities, and is usually very good at multi-tasking. The property manager is the liaison between the owner, the occupants, and all the other people who interact with the building. He’ll be responsible for everything from collecting rents, or fees in the case of condominium properties, to keeping the building well occupied and maintained. Read more

Home Security Options: Text Message Alerts When Child Arrives Home

home security and latchkey kidsBusy schedules often mean that family members are not always able to arrive home from work or school at the same time. The “latch-key kid” phenomenon is hardly a new one – children and teenagers have been beating their parents back to the house after getting off the school bus for decades – but advances in home security systems mean increased peace of mind for moms and dads concerned about the safety of their offspring.

Some modern home alarm systems are capable of providing parents with remote alerts each time people come in the door – whether they’re welcome guests or unexpected intruders. This type of alert can be adapted so children can virtually “check-in” as soon as they arrive at their homes. By assigning individual access codes whenever the alarm system is deactivated, parents can receive text messages indicating the time of entry as well as the identity of the person who entered the house. Read more