Image of someone using a car remote / keyless entry to unlock a car

How Your Car’s Keyless Entry System Makes Auto Theft Easier Than Ever

Image of someone using a car remote / keyless entry to unlock a car2020 brought 873,080 car thefts—the highest number in a decade. The previous few years leading up to 2020 actually saw a decrease in car thefts before this 9.2% upward jump. The reason? Keyless entry systems and push-button ignitions.

These technological advancements have at once made our lives more convenient and our cars more at risk for theft. This is due to a combination of readily-available technology found on popular online shopping mega-sites and our very own key fobs, which provide for easy access and quick getaways.

Problems with Spare Key Fobs

Gone are the days of slow, manual hotwiring practices. Now, all a car thief has to do is spot a spare key fob in your cup holder to gain instant access to your car. This is because most keyless entry systems won’t completely lock if your key fob is still in your vehicle. That means anyone can walk up, open the door, and drive away.

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An image of a city with lines illustrating the concept of mesh networks

Mesh Networks and Smart Home Security: What You Need to Know

It used to be that your WIFI was your own unless you specified otherwise. Yet, with the entry of mesh networks, users can’t always be sure that their internet connection is private. Smart doorbells, virtual AI assistants and other smart home devices are increasingly connected via communal WIFI rather than independent routers. These mesh networks are especially growing in popularity with big tech companies who wish to integrate large numbers of smart home devices into one massive network that they say will increase connectivity and reliability.

If you’re concerned about mesh networks, what they are, how they work, and if they’re right for you, read on to learn more. 

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visualized data map on top of clouds

What Will 2021 Hold for High-Tech Security in New England?

visualized data map on top of cloudsThere is no doubt that in the last year the security landscape has changed for New England businesses as well as businesses across the globe. 2020 brought with it an upheaval of long-held business practices, forcing many companies to rethink the way they operate in order to survive. Greater reliance on technology was the immediate and natural response, but this came with a series of security issues such as increased phishing and malware scams that threatened many companies.

This rise in cybersecurity threats has pushed security tech companies to devise new or evolved ways to combat cyber and physical security bad actors. As we enter 2021, there are several clear high-tech security trends that have emerged. Let’s take a look at a few of the major ones that are expected to radically change how businesses operate in the future.

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