Top Tips for Securing Vacant Properties

Whether you manage or own apartment buildings, condos, single-family homes, or commercial buildings, securing properties when they are vacant is as important as keeping them protected when they are occupied.

Vacant properties are vulnerable.

They may attract unwanted guests and become tempting for burglars. Even without personal property inside, appliances, AC components, and pipes can be stolen for money.
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How Do Wireless Security Systems Work?

With the advancement of technology, wireless security systems are becoming more popular. With so many options out there, it’s difficult to know which way to go with your security system.

Consumer Affairs states that 44% of consumers prefer professionally installed security systems, and 42% of consumers use hard-wired systems that connect to a central control panel. Here’s what you should know about wireless security systems.
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Six Powerful Features of Commercial Security Cameras

features of commercial security camerasToday’s features of commercial security cameras are capable of so much more than simply recording footage. They can now work to augment a business’ security strategy and make monitoring and protecting a space much more efficient and effective.

Camera systems can track and generate alerts for things like irregular human movement or loitering, facial recognition, and more. Features like remote monitoring and audio make them a huge asset to your security strategy.
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Updating Your Security When Someone Moves Out

When someone you are living with, be it a roommate or a spouse, moves out, security measures should be taken to ensure your safety and the protection of your home and valuables. Even after someone moves out, if they still have access to the premises via a key or entry code, this poses a number of security issues. Even if you trust them fully, there’s still a chance that they might lose the key or somehow compromise the security of your home by accident.
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The Cost of Non-Compliance in the Cannabis Industry

It’s no secret that Massachusetts cannabis companies must adhere to strict security compliance standards. Failure to comply can result in fines in the five—or even six-figure range. However, businesses aren’t notified of fines immediately. Instead, any non-compliance fines are due when you renew your business license every two to three years.
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Bank Branch Security: Keeping Customers and Employees Safe

The complexities of bank branch security extend beyond the protection of monetary assets; they involve protecting the well-being of employees and customers and safeguarding their personal information. A robust security strategy is essential for ensuring everyone in these environments is safe.
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The Importance of Monitored Security and Life Safety

Monitored security systems provide homeowners with an added layer of peace of mind. A security system is a great protection to have for your family and home, but knowing a trusted security company is monitoring it is even better. Here’s what you should know about monitored security systems.
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How to Choose a Medical Alert System for Seniors

The health and safety of senior loved ones is important. Whether the senior in your life lives alone, with family, or in a care home, a medical alert system can give everyone peace of mind. Here’s what you should consider when choosing a medical alert system for seniors.
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Six Questions to Ask When Leasing a New Commercial Space

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect commercial space to lease, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of imagining your business thriving in a new location. However, beyond square footage, lease terms, and location, there’s a critical aspect you must consider: security.

As a business owner, ensuring the safety of your premises, employees, and customers should be a top priority. To guide you through this process, we’ve compiled a list of essential security questions to ask when leasing a new commercial space.
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What is the Best Home Security System for You?

Before deciding on a home security system, it’s important to consider the features offered and your personal needs. Hundreds, if not thousands, of home security options are available to consumers, which can make selecting a system overwhelming.
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