Person putting travel bags in a car trunk

How to Protect Yourself from Car Theft and Break-ins

Person putting travel bags in a car trunkVehicle theft and car break-ins are on the rise in New England. In fact, Connecticut alone has seen a 42% rise in vehicle thefts and break-ins over the last year. Many residents have grown concerned about the waves of car-related crimes and wonder how to keep their vehicles safe.

Reports show that these crimes are considered opportunistic, rather than planned in most cases. This means thieves are on the prowl specifically for unlocked or isolated vehicles. They are unlikely to commit the crime if they can clearly see that the area is monitored by video surveillance, or if there is an evident alarm on the car. Instead, they will move on to a more vulnerable vehicle.

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Person's hand showing loose bristle from wire grill cleaning brush. Dangerous when it sticks to meat or other food and a person accidentally swallows it. Digestion damage, life threatening situation.

5 Wild Summer Safety Hazards You Should Know

Person's hand showing loose bristle from wire grill cleaning brush. Dangerous when it sticks to meat or other food and a person accidentally swallows it. Digestion damage, life threatening situation.It’s time for warm weather, sunny days, and…safety hazards? It’s true: summertime may hold many days of sunbathing, beach outings, and barbecues, but it also brings with it some wild risks you need to know about. We’re going beyond your standard sunburn and dehydration to some strange dangers you wouldn’t even think about – but should.

Keep these potential risks in mind along with all the fun summer plans you’ve got going on. A little extra caution can make all the difference between a safe and happy summer season, and a summer of unexpected disaster.

Beware Your Wire Grill Brush

Want some sharp wire with your barbecue? While most wouldn’t even think to check their grill for stray grill brush hairs, the truth is wire grill brush accidents have sent thousands of people to the ER over the last several years alone. 

The hairs left behind on the grill after brushing end up in your burger or ribs, and ultimately in your throat. Yikes. Better double (or maybe triple) check your grill for random wire brush hairs that have been left behind before you fire it up for your next backyard party.

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emergency response locator yard sign with house number

These Yard Signs Keep You Safe and in Compliance with Massachusetts State Law

In the event of an emergency, every second matters. That’s why Massachusetts law C. 148, S. 59. states that all homes and buildings must have a prominently displayed house number. Yet, many Massachusetts residents are not in compliance with this law. If your house number is not clearly visible, it may delay the arrival of help when you need it most. 

Additionally, burglars look for homes that are clearly unprotected, and tend to shy away from those with evident security. However, an emergency such as a break-in can be avoided entirely with the presence of a window sticker or yard sign indicating that the home or building is protected by an alarm system.

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Hand using security key card scanning to open the door to entering private building. Home and building security system.

How Access Control Systems Protect Businesses with a Semi-Remote Workforce

Hand using security key card scanning to open the door to entering private building. Home and building security system.Most companies had to pivot to an entirely remote workforce when the COVID pandemic hit. Many businesses are now able to open their offices again, but they may have elected to maintain at least a partially remote workforce. Before, employees came into the office on a regular schedule. Now some employees only come a couple days a week. The rest of the workweek is carried out at home.

While this has allowed employees and employers greater flexibility in terms of hiring and operating practices, a partially remote workforce comes with several potential security risks. When you don’t know where and when employees are in the building, you can lose equipment, experience theft, or inadvertently give access to parts of the office to those who do not need it, and should not have it.

An Access Control System can help you mitigate these risks. Here’s how. 

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Spring Cleaning, Home Safety, Gutter Cleaning

Spring Home Safety Checklist

Spring Cleaning, Home Safety, Gutter CleaningSpring and Summer is upon us and that means it’s time to get your home in shape for nice weather and even nicer activities. From prepping for a good outdoor barbecue, to ensuring your home’s air is clean and fresh, this spring home safety checklist has you covered. Plan a “spring cleaning” weekend and mark all these items off to ready your home for a fantastic spring season. 

Indoor Spring Home Safety

  • Deep Clean Your Dryer

Dryers can become fire hazards if not deep cleaned throughout the year. Move it away from the wall and wipe down all surfaces. Pull out your vacuum cleaner and use it to clean the lint trap inlet and vent pipe.

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Outdoor Weekend BBQ Grill Party

Safety Tips for Hosting Outside BBQs

Outdoor Weekend BBQ Grill PartySummer is right around the corner, and that means a chance to break out the grill for some good food with good company. However, before you get your party started, there are some safety tips for hosting outdoor BBQs to consider. 

Roughly 58% of grill fires occur between May and August and each year an average of 10 deaths and nearly $40 million in property damages occur. In addition, 1 in 6 Americans fall victim to foodborne illness each year – something to keep in mind while preparing food in the hot summer sun. Lastly, as we are still working through the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a good idea to consider social distancing practices for your gatherings for now.

Take a look at these simple, actionable tips before you fire up your grill for the summer. Following a few BBQ safety best practices will help you and your guests to enjoy a safe and fun summer of outdoor grilling.

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Home for sale, real estate market, seller's market, house sale

Homebuyer Journey Concerns in a Seller’s Market

Home for sale, real estate market, seller's market, house sale

If you’re looking to purchase a home in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire or any state right now, you must be aware that this is a serious seller’s market. In fact, in 2021 the number of homes for sale has decreased, but the average home price has soared.

Buying in a seller’s market means you’re likely going to encounter a bidding war – and the bidding wars are about more than just sellers picking the buyer who offers the highest price. In order to sweeten the pot and make offers more attractive buyers are waiving the home inspection contingency. This can lead to serious issues down the line in the form of unforeseen electrical, roof, foundation, or plumbing problems. In fact, unexpected repairs and maintenance issues topped Zillow’s recent list of homebuyer regrets.

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What to Teach Your Kids and Teens About Good Home Security (That Won’t Scare Them)

The majority of break-ins happen during the summer – the time when children are free from school and often home alone. While there are many things you can do to reduce your risk of a burglary, it is also important to teach your kids good home security practices to further protect them from potential harm. 

Teaching both your younger children and teens about home safety can empower them, but you want to make sure you share the right information in the right way. 

Here are 6 essential ways you can teach your kids about home security without scaring them. Implement these in your home to help all the members of your family to be safer and more secure even when left alone.

Let your children know they’re safe

Explaining to your child that there are things they need to do to stay safe at home might scare them. So, first and foremost, ensure your children that they are already safe and secure. 

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Landscape design with plants and flowers at residential house. Scenic view of nice landscaped garden in backyard.

How to Equip Your Yard and Garden for Better Home Security

Landscape design with plants and flowers at residential house. Scenic view of nice landscaped garden in backyard.The average burglary costs a homeowner $2800. That’s a family vacation, half a year’s worth of car payments, or a new update you needed to make on your home gone in one moment. You don’t want that. No one does. What can you do about it?

One major thing you may not have thought of yet is to secure your home’s garden. This includes your front and back yards, shed, and any other part of your outdoor property. 

Securing your yard and garden works to deter burglars because most burglars are looking for properties with easy access. If your home’s exterior is clearly protected, you’re less likely to be burgled

Check out these five ways to use your property’s exterior for better home security. Implement them right away to ensure you and your belongings stay safe in your home.

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Backpacker crossing a stream in the mountains

Outdoor Hiking Safety Tips

Backpacker crossing a stream in the mountains

Hiking and backpacking are fun, adventurous pastimes, but they do not come without their share of risk. Avoid any potential dangers this season by following these simple outdoor hiking safety tips. A little preparation and mindfulness will help each of your outdoor excursions to be successful. 

Hiking Safety Tips

Carry the Proper Mapping Tools

Pack GPS technology as well as a traditional map and compass while out on the trail. This will cover you in areas where there is limited service or your battery runs out. Learn how to use your technology and familiarize yourself with the map before you go to ensure that you are ready for the hike ahead.

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