Arrest Numbers Up for West Hartford Police, Who Say Crime is “Cyclical”

Arrest Numbers Up for West Hartford Police, Who Say Crime is “Cyclical” West Hartford police have been busy according to the Courant. Since June 2014, they’ve arrested 21 burglars, many responsible for more than one property crime. Police Chief Tracy Groves credits a hard-working police force but says “the biggest component of this is the residents of West Hartford keeping an eye out,” which covers everything from walking in on crimes in progress to installing home security systems.

He also warns, however, that “crime is cyclical” — is it possible for New England homeowners to get out of the circle?

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Shoplifting Prevention Series: Are Your Employees in on the Action?

american-alarm-shoplifting-preventionRecently, a Framingham, Mass. man was arrested for allegedly stealing $1,367.30 in merchandise from his employer, the Express store in the Natick Mall.

Employee theft is more common than you might think. In fact, every year, retail employees rip off about $15 billion worth of merchandise – 44% of all stolen goods – from their employers, according to the National Retail Federation.

Workers can shoplift in much the same way as customers by hiding merchandise in their purses, pockets, or bags and then taking it out of the store. Employees can also steal money from their registers, let friends or family members steal merchandise, or even commit credit card or check fraud.

Retail store employees are constantly presented with opportunities to steal cash or merchandise. Here are four tips to help you cut down on employee theft from experts who spoke with Entrepreneur magazine.

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Home Video Security: UPS Driver Caught Stealing FedEx Package

The importance of installing a home video security system was highlighted recently as a UPS driver was caught stealing a package from a customer’s door step. The driver made his delivery and left with a package sent earlier by another carrier. Luckily, the front and back doors were secured with video surveillance systems, catching the thief in the act.

As you watch the video proof below, know that the front and back doors are crucial places to set up residential video surveillance systems. With cameras positioned in these high-traffic areas, thieves are deterred and any intruders will be visible and captured on the surveillance system as evidence. With modern technology, video security systems can be accessed remotely, ensuring you’re always in the loop. Stay tuned for a follow-up blog post on how you can further protect yourself when packages are delivered by a carrier.

Modern Business Security Systems: A Primer For Property Managers

Owners of investment real estate properties understand the value of highly skilled property managers. Property owners, especially those that own multiple income properties, rarely have the time or expertise to manage the day-to-day operations, and routine maintenance of their properties. That’s where a property manager comes in.

A property manager has many responsibilities, and is usually very good at multi-tasking. The property manager is the liaison between the owner, the occupants, and all the other people who interact with the building. He’ll be responsible for everything from collecting rents, or fees in the case of condominium properties, to keeping the building well occupied and maintained. Read more