Frequently Asked Video Surveillance Questions

Learn the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions regarding video surveillance systems to help determine whether it might be right for your home or business.

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5 Benefits of Home Security Cameras

5 Benefits of Home Security CamerasNot so long ago, many people couldn’t afford to install security cameras in addition to their home security systems. Now, however, advances in technology, including in video cameras, video recorders, and networking capabilities, have made video surveillance systems affordable and appropriate for home use.

Security/surveillance cameras let you view the inside and/or the outside of your home – anytime and whenever you want. Integrating video into your home security system enables you to view any area of your property, from any television or computer in the home.

Installing these cameras in your home can beneficial for a number of reasons including:

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Battery Crimes? Video Surveillance Captures Criminal

Battery Crimes? Video Surveillance Captures CriminalIt was a beautiful August day in New Haven, sunny and breezy, with walkers and cyclists out enjoying the weather. In one neighborhood a man was looking for more than good exercise — after checking to see if anyone is watching, he pedaled onto the front yard of a home and started to poke around.

According to WFSB, he was after car batteries, hot items on the scrap metal that sell at 40 cents a pound or more thanks to the precious metals inside.

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