Online Database Helps Cambridge Police, Residents Track Crime

Recent technology allows police departments to respond to crime more efficiently and alerts residents more effectively.  

The Cambridge Police Department, for example, offers an online crime map that displays and analyzes crime data, informs Cambridge citizens about crimes in their area, and allows police to quickly alert the public about crimes as they occur.

If you live in another city or town, you can access the national crime data map and apply filters to the data to view only the information that matters to you most here. The easy-to-use interactive map includes a number of filters that allow you to focus on a specific area, type of crime or date range. Read more

Boston Crime Down in 2015—Is This A “Snow-Go”?

Boston Crime Down in 2015—Is This A “Snow-Go”? Beantown is busy breaking records, but this time there’s no celebration. As noted by CBS Boston, the city recently broke its own record for snowiest winter, exceeding the 107.6 inches of 1995-1996 with 2014-2015’s 108.6 inches.

It’s not all bad news, however. According to the Boston Globe, crime in the city is down significantly. This begs the question: is all this snow the Boston’s newest crimefigher?

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