Five Tips to Protect Your Home Security In The Social Media Age

Social network sites are great because they make it easy for you stay in touch with family and friends. The problem is too many people don’t realize that they could be exposing themselves to any number of security risks. In this video, American Alarm Blogging Team’s Sunny Gault will give you some tips to ensure that your social networking activity doesn’t compromise the safety of your family or your home.

Does your social networking activity compromise your home security? Read more

Top Benefits and Challenges of Integrated Security Access

integrated security accessControlling who has access to the sensitive areas of your business has always been an integral part of any overall security system. However, in the post 911 world, such issues take on even greater concerns and greater challenges as matters of privacy, identity theft and Homeland Security also have to be taken into consideration.

Advanced access control systems can do a whole lot more than merely control who has access to your premise or key areas and when that person has access. They can be used to track specific employees, monitor the locations of high-value equipment or assets, and even verify employee hours and attendance records. Read more