Frequently Asked Video Surveillance Questions

Learn the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions regarding video surveillance systems to help determine whether it might be right for your home or business.

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No Company Too Small For A Business Security System

Small Company Business Security SystemsThink business security systems are only for the “Big Boys”? Think again! No matter what kind or size of business you’re operating, you have assets and people you need to protect. Small businesses are just as vulnerable as their larger cousins, maybe even more so, according to business crime analysts, since often thieves may perceive a smaller business as an easier target.

Just how much does crime against business cost? According to the most recent Crime in the United States report, theft of office equipment alone amounted to over $650 million annually! Burglaries on average cost businesses $2000 per incident, and shoplifting, which has recently been reaching epidemic proportions, costs a business an average of $205 per incident. Read more