Top 11 Reasons Commercial Buildings Fail Fire Safety Inspections

During a recent inspection, fire department officials in Portland, Maine informed the owners of the iconic Time and Temperature office tower that it had failed a safety inspection.

According to the officials, there were no sprinklers on six of the buildings 14 floors and no smoke detectors in the hallways of multiple floors, in violation of city laws. The inspection also found a number of other fire and safety hazards, including loose wiring, broken emergency lighting as well as blocked or sealed emergency exits. Read more

Fire Inspections: Is Your Commercial Building Up to Code?

No building is completely safe from a fire. In 2013, there were approximately 93,000 non-residential building fires in the US—accounting for 65 deaths, 1,425 injuries, and nearly $2.5 billion in losses, according to the U.S. Fire Administration’s National Fire Data Center.

Putting an efficient and effective fire prevention program plan in place, ensuring that your commercial fire alarm system is operating properly, and adhering to your state’s fire code and ordinances could prevent many of these fires. Before the fire inspectors in your town come out to inspect your building, you should be sure your property is up to code.

Here are 10 of the fire safety codes that must be adhered to in commercial buildings in Massachusetts: (Check the applicable laws in your state to identify the fire safety codes for commercial buildings.)

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