Consumerization of IT in the Security Industry Poses Unique Challenges, Offers Opportunities

mobile-remote-access-home-security-cameraMobile phones are not only changing how people interact with each other, they are also altering the way businesses and individuals process the world around them. The security industry has not been immune to the wave of mobile applications that has swept over a number of different sectors of the economy. That’s because a growing number of home and business owners choose to use their smartphones and other devices to stay in touch with their personal and business security systems.

The integration of mobile communications devices into commercial and enterprise-level security systems is part of a trend that has been labeled “the consumerization of IT.” In broad terms, this refers to the tendency of previously complex information systems to become simpler and more user-friendly. Read more

Welcome to New England’s Home and Business Security Blog

Welcome to Our Home Security BlogWe’ve created this blog to be a resource for you to learn more about how to protect your home, your family and your business from a range of hazards. We’ll draw on our expertise to bring you important security information, news, trends, and to explore some of the challenges involved in managing security in our evolving, networked world. Read more