Your House Has Been Broken Into—Now What?

Your House Has Been Broken Into—Now What?Your home should be the safest place for you and your family. Having a burglar break into your home is extremely traumatic and devastating. You feel anxious, violated, and unsafe. Not only do you have to deal with theft as well as property damage, there’s the added stress of being a victim of crime.

Here are five steps to take to help you and your loved one deal with the aftermath of a break-in as well as help you avoid being victimized again in the future.

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Tips to Burglar-Proof Your Windows

Tips to Burglar-Proof Your WindowsYou may not be aware of this, but one of the most overlooked aspects to home security is your home’s windows. Burglars can break the glass or pry the windows open to get into your home. Additionally, they can even lift some sliding windows right out of their trackseven if they’re locked.

If you’ve already invested in a home security system to keep your family and your belongings safe, you may not have considered shoring up the windows to keep the bad guys out.

One way to do that is by having your home security system provider install perimeter sensors on the windows. If you want to keep you windows open, your provider can install specialized sensors in the window screens. That way you can keep the windows open, without disabling your home security system.

Here are five other tips to help you burglar-proof your windows:

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