Top 5 Tips to Burglar-Proof Your Home For Vacation

Spring vacation is a time-honored rite for families across the country. But before you pack up and head out to get away from it all, it’s important to be sure that your home is well protected from potential break-ins.

An empty house can be a tempting target for burglars, so we’ve put together a quick and concise checklist of the top five security tips that can help you keep your property safe in your absence. Read more

Top Three Home Security Tips for Recent Movers

home-security-tips-recent-moversMoving into a new home is a busy time for families and individuals who are suddenly faced with what seems like endless list of chores they need to accomplish in order to bring the house up to spec. One of the most important considerations when tackling the work that goes into transforming a house into a home is to make sure that your property is safe and secure for everyone who lives inside. Below are three home security tips for recent movers.

1) Check Locks and Latches

It seems like a relative no-brainer, but it’s easy enough to forget to re-key all of the locks in your new home as soon as possible. Most people will have the front doors done immediately, but it’s crucial to make sure that any side doors, back doors, and gates are also taken care of at the same time. This is especially important given that these entryways are often shielded from view, making them ideal access points for would-be burglars. A check of your house’s window latches and locks is also in order, as these can wear out with time and are frequently a low maintenance priority for sellers. Read more

Home Security Options: Text Message Alerts When Child Arrives Home

home security and latchkey kidsBusy schedules often mean that family members are not always able to arrive home from work or school at the same time. The “latch-key kid” phenomenon is hardly a new one – children and teenagers have been beating their parents back to the house after getting off the school bus for decades – but advances in home security systems mean increased peace of mind for moms and dads concerned about the safety of their offspring.

Some modern home alarm systems are capable of providing parents with remote alerts each time people come in the door – whether they’re welcome guests or unexpected intruders. This type of alert can be adapted so children can virtually “check-in” as soon as they arrive at their homes. By assigning individual access codes whenever the alarm system is deactivated, parents can receive text messages indicating the time of entry as well as the identity of the person who entered the house. Read more

7 Home Security System Tips to Minimize False Alarms

False Alarm Home SecurityEverybody is familiar with the boy who cried wolf, and what happens when someone raises a false alarm. However, in the real world of business and home security systems, false alarms aren’t child’s play. In fact, according to law enforcement officials, false alarms can significantly strain police resources, costing millions, if not, billions of dollars nationwide.

In addition to the strain placed on local law enforcement, false alarms have also been identified as the chief consumer complaint by insurance companies, and home security professionals.  According to the Department of Justice, one of the most common causes of false alarms is human error, which means steps can be taken to prevent or reduce them. Read more

5 Holiday Traveler Tips for Home Security

Home Security During the HolidaysNow that the holidays are here, we should be thinking about spending time with family and friends not to mention getting our hands on all that delicious gourmet chocolate. The last thing we should be worried about is home security.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels the true spirit of giving during the holiday season. All across New England, people are traveling to visit family members either out of state or just a few towns over. That leaves many homes vulnerable to thieves as winter’s chill begins to descend on the region. In fact, the FBI reports that more than 400,000 burglaries occur across the country every November and December. So it’s more important than ever for homeowners and renters to stay security conscious and take the necessary steps to protect themselves before packing up and heading out for an extended trip. Read more

Safety And Security Systems For Aging Parents, Not As Challenging As You may Think

aging-parents-home-securityThis year we’ve seen the first wave of what has been dubbed the “Silver Tsunami” as the first of 78 million “Baby Boomers” reached retirement age. The number of people over 65 in America will more than double over the next few decades, making up 20% of the total US population by 2050. According to the NPR News Series Aging at Home, a vast majority of those seniors will chose to remain in their own homes when they retire.

Current life expectancy in the US is 77.9 years. With people living longer on average, aging at home can present several challenges that can be worrisome to children whose elderly parents opt out of long-term care facilities. Are they taking all their medications properly? Are they safe and secure from accidents and crime? What if they need help in an emergency? A wealth of home security products has been developed that is answering those questions, allowing seniors to age at home, and bringing peace of mind to their families. Laurie Orlov, founder of Florida-based Aging in Place Technology Watch has said that, “Livability can be extended through the incorporation of telecare and other assistive technologies that are geared toward keeping seniors safe and easing the burden on their caregivers.” Read more