How to Protect Your Business from Social Engineering

What is social engineering? Social engineering is the act of psychological manipulation of people into performing specific acts (breaking normal security procedures). It is used in over sixty-six percent of all attacks by hackers whether it’s warranty exploitation or attempting to breach company data. According to the FBI, social engineering scams have cost U.S. businesses 1.6 billion since 2013. A couple types of social engineering attacks are called phishing and pretexting. Read more

How Businesses Can Prevent Third-Party Data Breaches

Data breaches are making headlines nearly every day. As technology continues to advance faster than ever, organizations large and small are increasingly concerned about cybersecurity.

Getting to the root of a cyberattack is complicated and extremely costly for a business, which is why breaches can affect the economy significantly.

Everything from HVAC systems, environmental controls/energy management, and wireless networks are potential entry points for hackers to attack. Read more

How To Make Your Home Hard To Hack

How To Make Your Home Hard To HackIf you think a bad guy has to physically break into your home to steal from you, you might want to think again. As more devices in your home become connected to the Internet—the Internet of Things (IoT)—the more data they can gather about you like Social Security numbers, bank account, and credit card information.

That’s why cybercriminals are turning their attention to hacking into common household devices, including refrigerators, TVs, thermostats, and even baby monitors to crack your home network and gain access to valuable personal information.

Read more