Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Child Safety Tips for the Kitchen

Your kitchen is likely much more than a place to have meals; it can be the best place to study, to sit and talk with family members or friends and to plan futures. It’s a place to make you feel safe and secure.

child kitchen safetyMaybe all that’s changed today — although we’d like to think not — but one thing hasn’t changed; if you’re not careful, the heart of your home can become a dangerous place for children.

One of the most important aspects of kitchen safety for both children and adults is the inclusion of carbon monoxide monitoring within your home alarm system. With recent heat and electricity outages in Brockton, Mass., one family tried to use their gas stove for warmth. This led to the hospitalization of three adults and two children, according to Although all are expected to make a full recovery — a functional carbon monoxide alarm would have alerted these individuals of the danger before falling ill.

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