Top 10 Off-Campus Fire Safety Tips

As college students settle into their dorms and apartments, parents as well as students should assess the level of fire safety, particularly in off-campus housing.

On Campus vs. Off Campus

Why focus on off-campus housing?

Since 2000, 85% of college-related fire fatalities have happened in off-campus housing, where most students live, according to Campus Firewatch.

Listen to American Alarm’s President Wells Sampson describe, first hand, the lack of fire safety at his daughter Anne’s off-campus housing at Tufts University.   Read more

College Campus Fire Safety Fire Tips

College Campus Fire Safety Fire TipsSeptember’s college Campus Fire Safety Month is winding down and the headlines are fading from view, but that doesn’t mean you should put campus fire safety out of your mind until next September.

Since 2000, 168 people have died in fires on college campuses, in Greek housing, or in off-campus housing within three miles of the campus. The good news – if there is such a thing as good news – is that 2013-2014 academic years was the lowest year on record for fatal campus-related fires.

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