Securing Your Home for a House Sitter

Summer is a popular time to take a vacation, and whether you’re gone for a few days or a few weeks, the safety of your house is always a concern. You might choose to hire a house sitter to stay at your house while you’re away to alleviate any fears. Having someone house-sit still requires you to take precautions before leaving. Here are some things to consider when securing your home for a house sitter’s stay.
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An Alarm System Can Boost Home Value and Enable Smart Living

home security alarm system

On the fence about installing an electronic alarm system to protect your personal or rental property? Not convinced your security demands such a solution? A home security system can lighten your financial burden, more tightly link your mobile devices to your home management systems, and, perhaps, give you convenience and peace of mind.

It’s possible you own a house in a super-safe neighborhood, with a great police department, and lots of nosy neighbors living next door. Maybe you have a particularly vigilant dog. Perhaps the extra security doesn’t quite move you to install a system. You still owe it to yourself to consider some sort of a surveillance/alarm system’s extra benefits — ones you can enjoy even if you live in Fort Knox.

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7 Tips to Keep Your Pets Cool this Summer

Summer is here and that means we’ve packed away our heavy coats for the season. However, our four-legged friends aren’t so lucky. They can’t just shed their fur to beat the heat.

Although being covered in fur helps dogs and cats survive cold New England winters, being covered by fur makes it tough for them to manage the dog days of summer, according to Douglas Aspros, DVM and president of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

“Both dogs and cats dissipate heat by panting [and] as they get overheated, they pant more quickly trying to maintain a safe internal temperature,” according to Aspros.

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