Why It’s Time to Upgrade the Communication of Your Fire Panel

As we speak, POTS lines (plain old telephone systems) are being phased out. Major telecom companies like AT&T and Verizon are in the process of decommissioning their POTS systems as they are no longer the gold standard. Since older fire panels relied, at least in part, on POTS lines for communication, it’s time to make sure your panel is using modern communication methods.
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Top Security Concerns for Biotech Startups

Biotech startups require security solutions for securing their facilities, protecting equipment, intellectual property, and employee safety. They must also find solutions for effectively managing employee access, creating audit trails, ensuring environmental stability, and facilitating communication across restricted areas of a facility. Let’s take a closer look at the top security challenges for biotech startups and how an experienced security partner can help manage them.
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Healthcare Series: Top Security Challenges for Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities have complex security needs as they must keep patients, staff, and equipment safe and secure while making it easy for patients to receive visitors around the clock. At the same time, these facilities must follow strict regulations put in place by the state. Here’s a look at the top security challenges for assisted living facilities.
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Healthcare Series: Security Challenges for Hospitals

Hospitals have dynamic security profiles as they must incorporate strategies for protecting patients, employees, equipment, medical records, medications, and visitors. Because hospitals typically have established security programs, any security partner they bring on for additional support must be able to integrate with these systems. At the same time, hospitals must ensure that their security solutions support compliance with governing entities and regulatory guidelines within the healthcare industry.
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Environmental Systems: An Overview

Environmental control systems help protect commercial buildings from floods, hazardous materials, and toxic gases such as carbon monoxide. They also monitor temperature changes and keep facilities within optimal ranges for the preservation of products and the safety of employees.

These systems vary in size and complexity depending on the size and nature of the facility where they are implemented. For instance, a hospital or factory would have a much more extensive and elaborate system than a small office space or a small-scale retail location. These systems are important to detect hazardous conditions within a building.
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Rolling Releaf Case Study: Navigating the Licensing Process With a Trusted Partner

Rolling Releaf is a social-equity-certified marijuana delivery service based in Newton, MA, committed to promoting fairness and equity within the cannabis industry. They partnered with American Alarm for a custom security solution in preparation for licensing. Since working with American Alarm, Rolling Releaf has become the 6th business in Massachusetts to secure a license of their type.

We recently spoke with Rolling Releaf’s CEO & Co-Founder, Devin Alexander, to learn more about his experience through the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission’s Social Equity Program (SEP) and his journey to pursuing licensing.
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Key Benefits of Mobile Access Control

With a mobile credential, an individual can use their smart phone to scan into locked areas where they would have used a keycard or fob in the past. Mobile credentials are becoming increasingly popular in access control systems because they are easier to manage and more secure than cards, fobs, or keys. Read more

3 Commercial Fire Statistics to Know

Fires to commercial buildings, such as retail spaces, restaurants, office buildings, and industrial spaces, can not only cause extensive damage to the structure but also pose a risk to lives, income, and supplies stored inside. Knowing the leading causes of fires can not only help you be prepared in the event of one, but keep these areas as safe as possible. Read more

Healthcare Series: Security Challenges for Multi-tenant Healthcare Facilities

Multi-tenant healthcare facilities pose unique security challenges due to their size and structure. Typically, these organizations require a security strategy for the building at large and individual security solutions for each tenant. These tailored systems will protect these organizations’ patient records, equipment, medications, staff, and patients.
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NECANN 2023: Understanding Cannabis Industry Security Compliance Standards

The American Alarm team is gearing up to attend the New England Cannabis Convention (NECANN), held from March 10 – 12 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. Ahead of the event, we wanted to touch on a topic that comes up over and over again within the cannabis industry: regulatory compliance.

Through conversations with state agents, we’ve learned that many cannabis facilities are failing to complete required security inspections. The Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) claims that they’ve issued far fewer licenses so far this year than expected due to compliance issues.

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