5 Steps to Stay Safe While at College

campus safetyYou’ve seen the headlines. Every year it seems a new act of tragic violence erupts on one of our country’s college campuses, renewing the fears of both parents and students.

But according to national statistics and campus safety experts, campus crime prevention is improving and incidents of major crimes are in decline.

You can help prevent crime as well by taking a few simple precautions.

Watch the video below for our five steps to help you stay safe while at college:

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Personal Safety — Urban Legend or Truth?

personal safetyUrban legends — stories told around the office cooler, or at your child’s soccer game, or among friends after work — aren’t always harmless tales designed to provide a few scares or laughs the pass the time. Sometimes, urban legends that prove untrue can have individuals worried about scams or crimes that actually don’t exist, which makes it that much harder to believe in the occasionally sensational methods used by criminals that only sound like a tall tale.

Consider a recent report from the Today show about ‘sliders.’ This unlikely term has been applied to thieves who target women pumping gas into their cars. With the purse on the front seat, and their attention diverted to the act of fueling up, these women are victimized by individuals who emerge from a nearby parked car, stay low to the ground, and snatch the purse through either an open window or an unlocked door. Although it sounds incredible, police are warning women not to leave their purses unattended at gas stations unless all of their doors are locked and their windows are sealed.

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