May 4, 2020

Statement from Wells Sampson, President of American Alarm and Communications

Dear customers,

As we confront this pandemic together, dealing with so much disruption in our lives, I want to reach out to say that I hope you are safe, and to pledge to you that our team will remain ready to help.

I couldn’t be prouder of the employees across all divisions of our company, American Alarm, Electronic Alarms and Advanced Signal. They are going above and beyond their normal routines, working differently, yet effectively to fulfill our essential mission.

We have technicians in the field every day, keeping security and life safety systems operational at vital facilities like hospitals and public safety buildings, as well as many homes across New England. Our 24-7 alarm monitoring team hasn’t missed a beat. Since this crisis erupted, they have responded to multiple fire alarms, burglar alarms, elevator entrapments, panic alarms, water (flood) alarms and medical emergencies that required customers to be transported to hospitals.

This is the mission we choose, and it’s been our mission since 1971. We understand what’s at stake.

If you have a moment, please watch this video. American Alarm founders Dick and Betsy Sampson talk about their commitment to service. The video was made a few years ago, but the message remains the foundation of our company.

Culture of Service video

We will continue operating to serve you, while simultaneously doing everything we can to protect our employees. We have to stay strong, so we are ready to help you.

If you have any concerns about your security system, fire alarm system, or your account, please call us today so we can help.

Please stay safe,

Wells Sampson
American Alarm and Communications