When Waters Rise: Get Flood Warnings via Alarm Solutions

As Labor Day rolls around and autumn winds pick up, the Atlantic Coast reaches peak hurricane and thunderstorm season. These sudden and powerful weather events can bring a flash flood and storm surges that can wreak havoc on low-lying areas or overloaded drainage systems.

While no one can control the weather or completely avoid household accidents, homeowners can take proactive steps to avoid or minimize damage. Just as with fire or intrusion systems, American Alarm can install sophisticated water and environmental alarm systems to give timely warning of flooding, gas leaks and dangerously high or low temperatures. We also can deploy robust backup communications solutions, in case the main landline and cell grid goes offline. Read more

Defend Against Commercial Property Burglars

For commercial property owners and managers, the world might seem a bit threatening. According to FBI crime statistics (from 2016) non-residential burglaries were up 2.6 percent, to 412,743. Also, according to a story in Science Daily, alarm trade industry research indicated that 31 percent of experienced burglars targeted commercial properties.

Hopefully, your office building, retail store, or other commercial property was not included in the above stats. If you hope to continue to remain off these and other similar statistical lists (or never be included in them again), there are number of things you can do right now.

Some tips include some infrastructure related precautions, such as installing lights and surveillance cameras in key spots. They can also include hiring security, adopting a guard dog, and ensuring all vulnerable locations (such as windows) are always illuminated and secured when the property is vacant. Don’t forget to consider about top notch alarm and surveillance systems.

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Why Security is the Experience Your Building’s Occupants Seek Most

Security: The Experience Your Building’s Occupants Want Most

In an era of constantly changing technology and increasing risks, security – both physical and digital – is a critical need for today’s commercial real estate (CRE) properties. This is especially true with the rise of mixed-use buildings and their complex demands.

For example, more and more CRE managers/owners looking to grow occupancy levels are considering combining work, shopping, and life spaces. This type of property will appeal to their tenants’ growing demand for time-saving services. Others are improving their “smart building” capabilities, with the goal of  conserving energy, improving building efficiency, and delivering more comfortable experiences for occupants. Read more

Why Apartment Complexes Now Offer Luxury Experiences to Millennials

An arms race of sorts is happening in apartment complexes here in New England. The weapons of choice are exceptional connectivity, services and experiences. Today, due to the relatively short supply of consumers and their higher expectations, the usual doorman, pool and gym in your apartment building won’t cut it. Typical amenities now include a saltwater pool, a pet spa with grooming stations, a beer garden and a community kitchen. For example, last year’s opening of the Harlo in Boston’s Fenway-Boylston Street District included an 18th-floor “Sky Deck” with views of Fenway Park and downtown; a fitness center with a yoga terrace attached; grills on a fifth-floor terrace; and a pet spa. There is also a bike-storage room and underground parking and 24-hour concierge service. This location and list of amenities is likely what your apartment complex is competing against in 2018.  Read more

Top 3 Video Surveillance Setup Fails Property Managers Should Avoid

Residential property managers all around New England know warmer weather means more activity at the community pool, gym, pub and recreation room. This hustle and bustle is a good opportunity to showcase property amenities as welcomed guests spend the night or the weekend. However, with the warmer weather comes unwelcome guests crashing parties, enjoying the pool or stealing valuables. To protect residents from these intruders most property managers invest in business security systems that include an access control system and HD-quality video surveillance. The more advanced systems are integrated with the buildings IP network allowing all security  components to work together. However,  IP video networking and HD resolution have little impact if video camera installation and maintenance are substandard.

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How will Cybercrime Impact Commercial Real Estate in 2018?

In the commercial real estate business, protecting your building’s internet and data is as important as physically securing your doors and valuables. To remain competitive or even leapfrog your competition in this technology-driven world, CRE’s must invest more in interconnected technologies. This somewhat unavoidable investment increases your buildings exposure to the booming industry, cyber crime.  Read more

How to Prevent Vandalism and Theft During Commercial Construction

The construction industry is booming and shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects it will be one of the fastest growing industries by 2020. All that construction is great for the economy. It will create new residential and commercial properties and provide more construction jobs to the labor force. One disadvantage will be the increase in vandalism and theft on sites. Read more

Is Your Commercial Real Estate’s Security System Future Ready?

Much like how technology is impacting the lives of consumers, commercial real estate (CRE) is also experiencing a digital transformation of sorts. Today, consumer technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that CRE accommodations like connectivity, quality of life and security must also advance. 

According to a recent Deloitte Market Report, to remain competitive or even leapfrog your competition, CRE companies must make their physical space future-ready. Here are the top three focus areas that will make the biggest impact:

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How to Unfreeze Pipes and Prevent Commercial and Residential Water Hazards

The blizzard pummelling parts of the country from the Carolinas to Maine this month may be over. However, the coldest temperatures of the year are still to come in the Northeast.

Frozen or cracked pipes, broken radiators, malfunctioning furnaces, flooding and leaks are just a few of the many unwanted plumbing issues brought on by this frigid arctic air.
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How Social Media Posts Of Your Holiday Travels Can Impact Home Security

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends around the world, especially during the holidays. However, even though you may set the privacy settings, they can only do so much to limit what others can see and learn about you via your social networks.

According to AAA, 107.3 million Americans will take planes, trains, automobiles and other modes of transportation to travel over the river and through the woods to grandmothers’ house for the holidays.

If you’re planning to join them, be aware that using social media could put your holiday safety and home security at risk. How so? Well, your friends and family may not be the only people paying attention to your posts. Smart thieves are watching not only your house but also your social media channels.  So your Facebook live broadcast of your holiday travels, or a photo of your vacation could signal a savvy burglar that it’s safe to probe your home’s security vulnerabilities. Read more