9 Tips to Keep College Kids Safe on Campus

It’s only about a month into the school year and The Harvard Crimson is already reporting crimes against students on campus.

As the Federal Bureau of Investigation reports, the environment of a college is much different than the high school environment a student is accustomed to. In a college setting, the student is exposed to many more buildings and larger classrooms, and has less control over access.

Varying student schedules minimize routine contact between students and educators, making it less conducive for educators to recognize the concerns of their students. Additionally the developmental stressors of the college environment – academic and social pressures, along with the need to establish self-sufficiency – may cause students to socially withdraw or turn to alcohol or drugs, increasing the chances they might be victims of crimes or even the perpetrators.

In an effort to make both students and parents aware of the dangers on college campuses and offer students guidance on ways to keep themselves safe, colleges all across the United States recognize September as National Campus Safety Awareness Month. Read more