Loss Prevention Tech Trends for 2016

Loss Prevention Tech Trends for 2016When it came to loss prevention back in the day, retailers hired security guards, off-duty police officers, or other such folks to catch criminals trying to rip off their stores. The effectiveness of a retailer’s business security was mainly judged in terms of the number of arrests its security personnel made.

Times have changed, however. Now the name of the game is “loss prevention,” minimizing retail loss rather than making a lot of arrests. To that end, retailers are turning to innovative technology to help them mitigate theft and fraud.

Here are the four trends in “asset protection technology” for 2016, according to the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA).

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False Alarms: What Unnecessary Responses Really Cost

False Alarms: What Unnecessary Responses Really CostOn July 25 at 7:06 a.m., police officers in Georgetown, MA, responded to a home burglar alarm system on Seale Street; upon arrival, they discovered it was a false alarm. At 9:46, another alarm went off on Baldpate Road; and again upon arrival, police found the building secure.

According to Georgetown Wicked Local’s Police Incident Log — each day, officers deal with an average of two false alarms, eating up valuable time and resources. But what’s the real cost of this unnecessary response?

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