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Beat the Heat: Tips for Staying Cool this Summer

We spend all winter in New England dreaming of the warm summer months, but when they finally arrive many of us miss cooler temperatures. Whether you love or hate the heat it is important to take precautions, especially during heat waves. Here are our tips to keep you and your family safe.

Tips on Booking a Safe Vacation Rental Property

Choosing to rent a vacation property is fun and can come with a lot of perks! Typically they are less expensive than hotels, offer more living space, and often come with more amenities (such as a full kitchen or private pool). However, these properties may not offer the same physical and financial securities that a […]

5 Tips to Protect Your Second Home

Many people dream of owning a vacation home on a beach, lake, or in the mountains. If you have purchased a second home, this is a huge accomplishment to check off of your bucket list! To protect this investment there are a number of steps you will want to take. Here are our Top 5 Tips to […]

A Silent Tragedy: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

During the winter months, we spend a lot of time indoors with the heat on. Staying in and feeling warm and toasty can be nice, but there are safety precautions you need to think about while your heating your home. At least 430 people die each year in the US from non-fire related CO poisoning. […]

Merry and Bright: Holiday Electrical Safety Tips

One of the best things to do around the holidays is to drive around and see all of the beautiful lights. While large scale light displays are impressive, it is important to take precautions and know what you’re doing. We’ve compiled a list of safety tips to help you keep the lights on:

Caught in The Act: Video Verified Alarm Systems Improve Police Response Time to Business Burglaries

Try typing “how to break into a store with an alarm” into Google search, and you’ll be startled to see almost 15 million results. Businesses without alarms are 4.5 times more likely to be burglarized than those that do have them. But even a great alarm system won’t always stop the most tenacious burglars from […]

5 Tips to a Scary Safe Halloween

New England has a lot of spooky fun to offer up during Halloween. From haunted hayrides to witch tours through Salem, there are lots of ways to get your scare on. Whatever fun you’re brewing up this year, it’s important to keep safety in mind. Here are five safety tips to abide by this Halloween.