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Top 10 Off-Campus Fire Safety Tips

As college students settle into their dorms and apartments, parents as well as students should assess the level of fire safety, particularly in off-campus housing. On Campus vs. Off Campus Why focus on off-campus housing? Since 2000, 85% of college-related fire fatalities have happened in off-campus housing, where most students live, according to Campus Firewatch. […]

Online Database Helps Cambridge Police, Residents Track Crime

Recent technology allows police departments to respond to crime more efficiently and alerts residents more effectively.   The Cambridge Police Department, for example, offers an online crime map that displays and analyzes crime data, informs Cambridge citizens about crimes in their area, and allows police to quickly alert the public about crimes as they occur. […]

How Businesses Can Prevent Third-Party Data Breaches

Data breaches are making headlines nearly every day. As technology continues to advance faster than ever, organizations large and small are increasingly concerned about cybersecurity. Getting to the root of a cyberattack is complicated and extremely costly for a business, which is why breaches can affect the economy significantly. Everything from HVAC systems, environmental controls/energy […]

Security Tips for Apartment Property Managers

As a property manager you have a lot of people who depend on the safety and security of the apartment building you oversee. Every day you have to deal with a number of challenges, including building maintenance, equipment inspection, handling residential complaints, hiring and maintaining qualified staff, and handling residents’ complaints.

Business Security: 10 Tips to Prevent Shoplifting

In 2016, the average inventory shrink rate, increased to 1.44 percent, up from 1.38 percent in 2015, according to the National Retail Security Survey 2017. Shoplifting by outside customers, accounted for 37% of retail inventory loss, followed by 30% in employee theft, 21% in administrative errors and 5% in vendor fraud. This loss cost retailers about […]