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Leicester Business and Home Security


Welcome to American Alarms' business and home security page for Leicester, Massachusetts. This informational page provides important crime data along with additional information for those living in or considering moving to Leicester.

Leicester Business and Home Security Facts

According to the FBI Crime Database for Massachusetts' 279 cities and towns, Leicester was ranked 52nd in "Most Property Damage per 100,000" in 2013 declining from 124th in 2012. However, it was 223rd for "Most Burglaries per 100,000" improving from 128th in 2012. Contact American Alarm to stay informed when 2014 crime data in Leicester is available.

American Alarm's History in Leicester

Based in New England since 1971, we’ve worked in the Leicester area for decades. We know the landscape and we have good relationships with local police and fire officials. Qur team of employees (150 strong and growing) live in the communities we serve, so our customers literally are our neighbors.

Leicester Origin

Leicester was first settled in 1713 and shortly after, in 1714 it was incorporated as a town. The town was originally called Towtaid, a name given to the land by natives. They eventually settled on Leicester, a town of the same name in England.

What Leicester is Known for

The area that Leicester is currently settled in was first purchased in 1686 by settlers from Roxbury. The many rivers and streams in town allowed for mills to be built which sparked the original economy, the mills. Fulling, grist and saw mills were built and became the focal point in town.

As the Revolutionary War began, during a town meeting, the residents in town saw the need to form a militia, and coined the term "Minutemen." They marched on to the Battles of concord and Lexington where they would help fend off British troops. After the War, the focus shifted back to production in the town. In the mid eighteenth century, the mills began producing hand cards. Hand Cards were tools that assisted in the manufacturing of textiles. These mills in Leicester produced one-third of the hand cards in the country.

Today, the town no longer has a primary economy of manufacturing, instead most residents work outside of the town. The town of 11,000 people is situated within a short distance to many major New England cities, while also providing residents with a rural, small town community.

Listing of Leicester Favorites

Restaurants Near:

  • Barbers Crossing Road House - 861 Main St, Leicester, MA 01524
  • Castle Restaurant - 1230 Main St, Leicester, MA 01524
  • Hot Dog Annie's - 244 Paxton St, Leicester, MA 01524
  • Zuzu's Pizza - 865 Main St, Leicester, MA 01524
  • Eller's On the Hill - 190 S Main St, Leicester, MA 01524

Short List of Recreation Places or Historic Spots

Among the recreation sites in town, the Leicester Triple Drive-In is the most well known. After opening in 1967, the site has been open ever since. With three separate screens, the theater often sells out, and allows patrons to remember what it was like before movie theaters. Leicester is also home to three golf courses, including Leicester Country Club and Hillcrest Country Club.

American Alarm Knows Leicester, MA

Business security lives at the intersection of technology, service and community. American Alarm provides comprehensive business security systems for people in Leicester because our technology and customer service are unsurpassed, but also because we know their community.

Based in New England since 1971, we’ve worked in the Leicester area for decades. We know the landscape. We have good relationships with local police and fire officials. Our team of employees (150 strong and growing) live in the communities we serve, so our customers literally are our neighbors.

American Alarm’s featured business security system in Leicester, MA

Today in Massachusetts, most nightclubs and dance halls are required to have automatic sprinkler systems installed. The requirement stems from the tragic Station fire in Rhode Island in 2003. But for many community-based clubs, which have function rooms used for weddings, baby showers, graduation parties and other special occasions, the cost of a sprinkler system can be prohibitive. So the state ruled that such establishments, which tend to be non-profit community-based organizations, would be exempt from the sprinkler requirement if they installed a monitored fire alarm system. Such was the case for a recent community organization in Leicester, which called in American Alarm to design and install a monitored fire alarm system for their facility. In doing so, the club and its patrons are protected, and the non-profit organization didn't suffer financial ruin from the cost of a sprinkler system.

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